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Home Improvement Tools

Tools for building, improvement and repairs around the house.

There are literally thousands upon thousands of tools and gadgets available to the homeowner and do-it-yourselfer. Whether making home improvements, performing regular maintenance or carrying out the most common repair, having the right tool for the job along with helpful tips can make all the difference in getting the job done and doing that job right.

Through my experience and constant research I aim to find and spotlight those must-have tools and then offer an unbiased review or simple definition of them.

I then consolidate all this info into an organized, concise, easy-to-read summary.

Tool reviews contain product comparisons when appropriate, but sometimes just lays out a summary of features and benefits derived from real users just like you - not the manufacturer's marketing material.

The most important thing here is that you find this information helpful to aid in your own buying decisions and the tasks you have in front of you.

Please come back often, as tool reviews and summaries will be added regularly.

Tool Review Guides

  • Multimaster Tool Cutters and Saw Kits
    Get the low-down on this versatile tool. Find out if you really need one in your toolbox and then review the top brands and see how much you should spend.
  • Table Saw Reviews
    These big saws come in a variety of sizes and offer so many features you wonder if you're buying a car. I'll review this tool so you can decide which one fits your needs as you get an understanding of the must-have features versus the nice-to-have ones.
  • Best Tile Saws
    If you're doing a tile project of any kind, you need a solid cutter. Check out our complete list of tile saws from basic manual types, to easy-to-use portable, to the elite.
  • Dustless Drywall Sander
    If you're doing any kind of heavy drywall finishing, you need to consider this helpful clean-up tool. Reviews include determining if you really need one, and then what to buy if the decision is “yes”.
  • Plumber's Spud Wrench
    One of the main tools any DIY plumber should have. Learn just what these are and where to use one. Then take a look at the variety of types of available, from basic to more advanced.
  • Keyhole Saw Tool Review
    A seemingly simple tool, yet so many types to choose from. I'll break down the various forms of these tools and review the highest quality and best value models you can buy today.
  • Inch/Pound Torque Wrench
    This special hand tool review will give you a complete definition of this wrench is and does. Use it to get the exact pressure you need as you tighten things down. Read this review if you have any doubt whether you need this versus a regular ratchet.
  • Scratch Awl Tool
    Just your basic wood or metal shop hand tools; but they aren't all created equal. Ergonomics and longevity will play a big part in deciding what the best one for you is.
  • Best Glue Guns Reviewed
    Heavy duty? Mini? What the heck kind of glue gun do you get for what you new? Power, size and price are the key factors to help you decide.
  • Best Heat Guns Reviewed
    This is one power tool you should have in your garage if you enjoy DIY projects around the home. Great for paint removal, electronics, and so much more.