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Water Heater Repair and Maintenance

Don't get overheated, learn what you need for water heater repair and regular maintenance

Water Heater Repair photo

For the most part, water heaters are pretty reliable and do not require much regular maintenance or repair.

Your water heater plumbing consists of cold water in and hot water out. You get your hot water from a heating source (gas burner for a gas water heater or a heating element from an electric water heater).

If you're not getting normal hot water, don't despair; unless you're seeing water coming out of your hot water tank (and not the pressure relief valve), your water heater repair is probably an easy and affordable one that doesn't require a plumber.

Problems with getting hot water may not be in the water heater plumbing itself. Issues can come about with pilot lights going out (gas) or too much sediment having collected at the bottom of your water tank. Other causes can be due to poor or no insulation being installed when plumbing a hot water heater.

Whether you're installing a new tank and need help with water heater plumbing, need to repair a water heater, or just want maintenance tips, you'll find a variety of how-tos and tips here.

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