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Pest control DIY

Pest Control

Arm yourself with the right army and weapons in home pest control

Our homes are constantly bombarded by pests no matter how you look at it. Even in our modern, civilized world we can't escape mother nature's pests.

Insects like ants and flies make for an annoyance most of us simply can't put up with.

Critters like termites and moles can often damage our homes and property.

Rodents like mice, rats and bats are known to carry disease that can hurt our health.

There's isn't a 100% full-proof way to prevent all these guys from invading our living spaces - but the more you know about them and how to drive them away the better your chances of getting rid of them.

Home Pest Control photoIf you knew that you could carry out your own home pest control before hiring an exterminator, wouldn't you do it?

The truth is that you can usually put a good solution in place against an ordinary home insect or rodent.

The market for today's home pest control products is huge. Educating yourself about what to use as a tactic against defending (ridding and preventing) is really the key.

Simply put, some things work whether it's a poison or natural remedy and some don't. And in between is a spectrum of effectiveness that just depends on your given situation.

In this section, you'll find information to help you set up a home pest control strategy and execute on it.

From pesticides and poison, to organic and even humane killing (is there such a thing?), you'll get some how-to info on what to do for both indoor and outdoor pests.

Make your home feel comfortable and safe to live in by taking action when an small intruder comes along.

Pest Control Guides

  • Get Rid of Pigeons
    These birds love to bug us with their eating, pooping, nesting and perching. If you have pigeons living around you, then you know how much these birds can effect your quality of living. You can take action and keep these bothersome birds far away from your home with the right set of tricks. I'll show you how.
  • Home Pest Control for: Ants in the House
    This is the one home pest you can stop at it's source. Of course you also need to clean up what draws them inside in the first place as well as shut down the gaps that allow them in. Get the info you need about what products are best for you to eliminate and control these classic home pests from season to season.
  • Home Pest Control for: Fleas
    Most associated with pets, you know you can't just treat your pets and where they hang out to stop fleas. You need to take a full-on approach to elminate them and their offspring for good in your home. Learn the full swath of techniques needed to say good-bye to these tiny biters once and for all.
  • Get Rid of House Spiders
    We see these eight-legged creatures almost every day in our homes. But that doesn't mean we have to accept them living among us. Usually harmless, spiders are easy enough to get rid of with easy-to-use combative solutions. And prevention is no sweat if you take a careful approach to sealing off the entrances that let them inside in the first place.
  • Home Pest Control for: Silverfish Bugs
    These things are just plain creepy and disgusting. We find them in bathrooms, kitchens and everywhere else. Learn about where they come from and why they're in your house. Then, using some simple traps, you can control their existence and rid them for good.
  • Attic Flies
    Making these pesky flies go away is all about killing them first, then putting the right seals in place to prevent them in the future. Conditions may be just right in your attic for these flies, but you can easily enough put a "lock on the door" so to speak to keep them away.
  • Mice in Ceiling
    You can hear them and probably see some evidence, but how the heck do you get rid of a mouse living up in your ceiling? We cover what to do, including the best methods to fix your mousy situation up high.
  • Get Dead Mice Out of Wall
    It's not a smell anyone likes - so when it's time to remove a dead rodent in your home, you need to know the best methods to keep the process easy and clean.
  • Get Rid of Ants in Your Dishwasher
    There's something gross about pests on your clean dishes. Here are 5 steps to take care of ants infesting your dishwasher.
  • Attic Spider Removal Tips
    Dealing specifically with pests in the attic takes some strategic planning. We show you what to do to make the top part of your house a little less scary.
  • Attic Rat Removal Tips
    Another common critter found in attics - Not to worry, it can be handled with a few proven methods that make removing this pest quick and easy.
  • Remove Silverfish from Bed
    Nothing says yuck like this insect living in your bed. Use this guide to remove these pests quickly from your bedroom.
  • Remove Silverfish from Bathrooms
    This is one room, these pests love. But here are the steps to remove and prevent them from ruining your bath time!
  • Get Rid of Wasps in Attic Spaces
    Wasps are unnerving to have around, especially in your home's attic. Use these quick and effective remedies.
  • How to Kill Maggots
    Here's the complete low-down on killing these rice-looking, fly larvae. We promise, it's safe and quick whether their on your floor, gathering on your ceiling or taking over your trash cans!
  • Get Rid of Millipedes in Your House
    Check out our quick and easy guide on moving these multi-legged creatures out of your home quickly.
  • Get Rid of Crickets in the Basement
    The chirping sounds alone are enough to send you to the insane aslyum! Use these proven methods to deter, kill, and remove these noisy insects from below your house.