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Garage door repair

Garage Door Repair

The open book on garage door repair and troubleshooting

Garage doors and garage door openers are designed to give you a safe, secure and convenient way to enter your garage. An automatic garage door opener self-locks, while letting you enter your home without getting out of your car.

Given the numerous mechanical parts in a garage door such as springs, rollers, and hinges, garage door problems do occur. Garage door repair can happen often if certain maintenance tasks aren't performed.

Garage Door Repair photoMoisture, dirt and neglect are the biggest culprits leading to overhead garage door repair. Lucky for you, you can do your own regular maintenance and common repairs.

Knowledge about lubricating and adjusting small parts can go a long way, but first learn about what type of garage door opener you have (e.g. chain, screw or belt drive garage door opener), and always refer to manufacturer repair instructions if possible.

If a part is worn or broken on your door, you can find replacement parts at your local home center. Keep in mind, it's best to take care of breaking parts sooner than later.

Take a look at the following articles for tips on maintaining and instructions on how to repair common garage door issues.

Garage Door Repair Guides

  • Garage Door Repair: Squeaks and Runs Slow
    A noisy garage door and slow operation usually go hand-in-hand. In most cases you can clean and lubricate various parts to get it like new again. This how-to guide shows you all the details.
  • How to Insulate a Garage Door
    Sometimes you're not in need of garage door repair, you just need to improvement it. And when it comes to keep out harsh temperatures, you need to beef up the biggest door in your house. Do it with the proper seals, and you'll notice a difference right away.
  • Garage Door Pricing
    If repairing your garage door is out of the question and you need a new one, your first consideration is probably cost. To understand the costs, you have to look at each feature. As with most things, better quality, size and additional features play a part in overall price. Take a look at these important factors before you go shopping.