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Door repair

Door Repair

Open up your mind and get swinging with door repairs

Many door problems can be repaired easily with a few adjustments or even just some lubrication. Sure, those are the easy door repairs, but they can go a long way. 

Since doors are made of wood and hung onto wood, the way a door functions can change over time.

As wood changes due to factors like age, temperature and use (or abuse!), it becomes necessary to give your door a "tune up" from time to time.

Door Repair photoDoor hardware, such as locks, hinges and handles can also fall out of whack and even break through the years.

Door hardware repair can also be simple depending on the quality of what you have and the type of problem that comes up.

In most cases, door repair involves tweaking the hardware and tightening it up. Things just plain become loose as a door can be open and closed every day.

Doors come in so many varieties, styles and types that it's only fair to say that door repairs come in many flavors too.

Sliding doors, patio doors, storm doors, glass doors, entry and back doors, closet doors, the list goes on!

Door Repair Guides

  • Repair a Door That Won't Latch Shut
    While you might be confused (and going crazy!) as to why your door won't stay closed, it's actually a basic repair. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the exact problem and make the proper adjustments...and get your sanity back.
  • How to Replace a Front Door
    Sometimes you can't fix a door, you need to replace it. Learn the steps of deciding when it's time, preparation and installation in a way even your mom would understand.
  • Replace a Sliding Screen Door
    When these things get bent or come off their tracks you can try your best to fix it; but usually a new one is in order. Learn about the different options for getting this tricky job done, include a nifty alternative to replacing or repairing sliding doors.
  • Repair a Sliding Closet Door
    Closet doors jam, come off tracks, and get disconnected from their guides. There's a solution for each of these as long as you know what to look at and make the right adjustments or swap out a part - this article tells you how.
  • Shower Door Repair
    Swinging or sliding, you need the door in your bath and shower functioning properly for both safety and water control. Take a look at these how-tos and tips for getting these specialized doors working like new again.
  • How to Seal Doors
    Sometimes your door repair isn't with the door itself, but sealing it up so it can do it's job of protecting your home from the the elements and air outside. Learn how easy it is to weather-strip around your doors using the right seals and gaskets for the job.
  • Bi-fold Door Sizes
    Find out what's available when it comes to sizing bi-fold doors. Plus, tips on how to properly measure your rough opening so you get doors that fit cleanly.
  • What Are Pocket Door Wrenches?
    This is your best friend when you need to level and align your sliding pocket door.
  • How to Fix a Pocket Door Off Its Track
    When a sliding door comes off its track, it's time to get a permentant remedy in place. We've got just the one for you in this case.
  • Fix a Doorknob That Won't Turn
    Use these 7 tips to get your round door knob turning freely again.
  • Tighten a Loose Door Handle
    No matter the type of door, we've got you covered on how to tighten up any handle.