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Home Improvement Grants for Indiana

Home Improvement Grants for Indiana

As in most states, if you’re looking for home repair grants in Indiana, then you’ll have to find programs that are supported specifically for Indiana homeowners and residents.

These programs are designed and funded for specific purposes.

And in the area of home repair grants, they usually have to do with improving homes and neighborhoods for people less fortunate, or helping those with qualifying incomes maintain their homes.

In older communities, Indiana home repair grants may be offered to help restore, rebuild or rehabilitate aging structures and other home sites.

Grants in Indiana might focus more on increasing neighborhood connections as well, which is always uplifting.

See below for other opportunity examples where the federal government and other agencies have provided money.

Much money comes directly from the U.S. government and is funneled into projects at the state level. This is what you should try and tap into when it comes to getting assistance.

You might be interested to know that Indiana is a wonderful state in that it really sponsors its people when it comes to housing.

Not only in terms of home repair assistance but housing in general.

Always remember to consider other options, such as those offered by the Indiana Housing & Community Development Authority.

Check their website ( to learn more. Perhaps the knowledge you gain from researching this resource alone can help you in your own projects and goals.

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Examples of Indiana Home Repair Grants

  • The Indiana Finance Authority (IFA) has  given money to mobile home parks to help provide better plumbing and water supply
  • The IFA gave over $15,000 toward cleaning up water problems in an Indianapolis mobile home community
  • “IMAGINE” has funded projects in Indiana cities to help bring neighborhood residents closer together, such as creating better signage, giving a nice identity to the area
  • The Indiana Brownfields Program supplied funds to help redevelop a home site and make repairs for a more environmental “green” upgrade
  • The Indiana Rural Development office offers home repair grants to those living in rural areas

While the above are just a few quick examples of state home repair assistance, you’ll want to contact your local offices such as the Indiana USDA Rural Dev. office or local HUD offices, or the IHCDA.

As you’ll find, home repair grants in Indiana may not be readily listed.

It may take some calling around. Just be sure to have a clear reason for why you’re seeking home improvement grant money.

There must be a clear and easily provable reason relating to improving your neighborhood, helping a non-profit or community group, or upgrading a dwelling in terms of energy efficiency or weatherization.

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Bear in mind, home repair grants within Indiana are not going to be offered for regular home maintenance such as changing out a water heater, general plumbing fixes or replacing a roof in most cases.

But it never hurts to ask, as you may indeed be in a situation where due to your own financial need and the needs of a grant program’s objectives align.

In that case you may find a good match. Home repair grants go to those who persevere.

Each state, including Indiana, has many options to choose from, and in the end it’s just about you finding the right one. Good luck!

Kenneth R Kitts

Tuesday 14th of February 2023

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Valissa Williams

Friday 27th of November 2020

This is awesome, Iam a senior citizen who needs major work done, this information is uplifting. Thank you