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How to Choose the Best Hot Glue Gun

Best glue gun reviews

Are you in a quandary over what the best glue gun to buy is? The process of narrowing down the types and models can be hard as nails.

Last year, the global value of hand tools was $10.3 billion, so you have many options when selecting any kind of gadget for your craft room or tool box.

Additionally, you have to know how you’ll use your glue gun; do you need one for woodworking, DIY projects, crafts, hobbies, the kids or more?

Let’s break things down and help you find a solution through some detailed and objective reviews of the top units on the market.

The hot glue gun reviews below are also totally objective so you won’t have to worry about sponsored content here.

We’ll also be covering some must-know background and inside info on these devices, so you can choose wisely.

They include reviews of the best adhesive guns in categories like DIY, budget-friendly, mini vs heavy-duty and more.

We’ll also look at different types, materials and considerations when buying, such as heat-up speed, portability and safety. These things are powered and do get pretty hot after all!

Our Top 10 Best Glue Gun Picks

1. PAM – HB220 Glue Gun -Best Overall

Best Adjustable Temperature Glue Gun

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Product Features


The drip-free nozzle reduces mess and helps to make your gluing more efficient.


The HB220 is powered by a 220W heating element that provides continuous and fast usage. If you have the need for speed, then the HB220 is a good option. That’s because it reaches its  operating temperature within 5 minutes.

With a high/low temperature control allowing you to adjust the temp between 285°F (140°C) to 428°C) for different materials and applications.


The gun is designed for using on a variety of different applications including installations, repairs and remodeling on:

This unit is designed to use ½-inch gluing sticks.


This gun features an adjustable trigger to help boost output and reduce fatigue while completing large projects requiring lots of time and effort. The model works with FMFLEX40/FMFLEX180 Hot Melt Adhesives.


  • Maximum adhesion and easy extrusion
  • Glue sticks exit in a liquid form
  • Makes it easier to complete gluing tasks
  • Big handle for a full grip on the trigger
  • Powerful heating element


  • Might not be an original Pam brand
  • Marketing sign glued to the storage case
  • Not built for long-term life


2. KMC Hot Glue Gun – Best Value

KMC 60/100W Hot Glue Gun

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Product Features


The KMC unit features ultra-fast 2-3 minute pre-heating, so you can quickly start gluing.

The model also has a leak-proof design so you’ll have fewer problems when working with arts & crafts in particular. Its insulated/copper nozzle makes this unit less likely to jam than standard guns.


This hot adhesive gun includes a dual power switch for 60W or 100W power levels. The 60W models are the best glue guns for crafts and art projects, while 100W is suitable for larger projects such as connecting wooden objects.


The trigger features an ergonomic design for a more comfortable fit while operating the unit. There’s also a wide metal stand to help keep your work materials more accessible or stable while doing your projects.


This unit incorporates heat dissipation holes to help lower the high working temperature, providing increased safety and prevent overheating.

The trigger propulsion device helps to reduce glue flow, so you’ll get better value from your glue stick. This unit comes with 16 glue sticks, adding value. The model is covered by a 24-month warranty to protect your investment.


  • Good overall quality
  • Very durable item
  • Heats up quickly
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use


  • The power cord is low quality
  • Trigger isn’t good
  • Location of the stand isn’t good


3. TopElek Hot Glue Gun – Ideal for Crafts

Best Dual Power Glue Gun

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Product Features


The model is designed to prevent overheating. When it reaches a particular set temperature, it stays at that temperature to prevent overheating.

The unit’s stainless steel holder allows you to pick up and store the unit safely. It also helps to prevent damage to the tool. The quality nozzle maintains high pressure/temperature without causing damage.


This unit can be switched between 60W and 100W for different craft projects. The 100W option is best for heavy-duty projects around the home and office, while the 60W option is perfect for DIY handicrafts/repairs at home.

The product also uses the PTC heating tech to heat up within 3-5 minutes. This allows the unit to easily melt the glue stick even at low winter temperatures.


The product can be used to join different materials such as paper, cotton, fabric, plastic, glass, wood, metal, stone and brick.


The TopElek is a full-size adhesive gun that offers good ergonomics, this helps to reduce fatigue for projects that require several hours to complete.


The anti-glue flow feature helps to reduce glue stick wastage. The unit powers off in under 5 minutes helping to conserve the glue sticks and prevent glue leakage.

This unit is also comes with 12 strong adhesive glue sticks to complete the glue gun kit. It’s also protected by 18-month warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • 60W/100W power
  • Bundled with 12 glue sticks
  • 18-month warranty
  • Useful for many applications like repairs, decorations, arts/crafts
  • Fast heat-up in under 5 minutes


  • Trigger not high quality
  • Might leak a lot
  • Glue sometimes melts in the chamber


4. Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun – Best for DIY/Repair

Chandler Tool Large Glue Gun

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Product Features


This Chandler unit includes a traditional stand as well as a stand-up base for easier working conditions. It’s a full-size 60W gun that uses 7/16-in. adhesive sticks.


You can use this hot glue gun for woodworking and many other applications such as repairing or making clothes, shoes, arts/crafts, furniture, toys, birthday/holiday items, DIY projects, etc.


This product is UL-certified for use in North America. It also includes a lifetime warranty for long-term protection.


  • A durable unit
  • The stand prevents unit from falling over
  • Works with large glue sticks
  • Shipping/packaging
  • High-quality/well-designed product


  • Stand isn’t big/heavy
  • Doesn’t heat up enough to melt the glue properly
  • Less than 60W


5. CCBETTER Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun – Best Low-Budget

Mini Hot Melt Glue Gun Best for Crafts

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Product Features


This glue gun utilizes an insulated nozzle that prevents the unit from becoming deformed, even when using it long-term at temperatures up to 500?.

This CCBETTER hot glue gun has various safety features worth noting. Its LED light mode tells you when the unit is ready to operate.


For a quick start, this mini adhesive gun heats up in just 3-5 minutes


The product can be used for applications at home, work and school, with materials such as fabric, card, glass, plastic, ceramic, wood and metal.


It’s provided with an  anti-hot ABS cover and safety power switch. The cover helps protect the user’s hands during operation.

There’s also a flexible support to keep the gun standing upright/stable. This allows you to use the tool at any angle, adding more versatility.


The temperature control feature keeps the gun at a constant operating temperature, preventing the unit from overheating and causing a safety issue.

The trigger propulsion provides good control of the glue flow, preventing glue wastage. This product comes with 30 strong, eco-friendly gluing sticks. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty and money-back guarantee.


  • Good value for the price
  • Warm up quick and easy to use
  • Easy to store/transport
  • Glue adheres well
  • On/off switch


  • Sometimes the glue sticks don’t work properly
  • Glue leaks after putting down the unit
  • Shipping/packaging/missing item


6. TACKLIFE GGO20AC Mini Hot Glue Gun – Best Mini

Best mini hot glue gun for the money


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Product Features


The unit is constructed with PTC to provide powerful heating. This product is portable, fitting in one hand for easy operation/carrying.


The GGO20AC heats up in under 5 minutes, allowing for a quick start to your job.


The GGO20AC is ideal for various applications including arts/crafts and DIY projects. It can also be used with various materials such as fabric, card, glass, plastic, ceramics, wood and metal.


This item is easy to control via the trigger propulsion to prevent hand fatigue. This provides consistent glue flow helping to conserve the glue sticks.

The removable stand supports the product, so it stays upright/stable. This provides better ergonomics and more efficiency.


This item provides a steady/continuous stream of hot glue. The unit is convenient to use with a LED indicator and on/off switch. It prevents the need to continuously plug in and unplugging the unit while working to control the heat

It also has a leaking-prevention orifice, so it doesn’t leak onto the user’s hands. The removable bracket allows the gun mouth to face down when using upwards.

Safety features include fuse design and overheating protection. This model comes with 30 glue sticks and includes a 2-year warranty.


  • Doesn’t require the operator to push the glue stick through
  • The unit is very easy to use
  • Good size for crafts
  • Good for gluing 3D prints
  • Heats up very quickly
  • On/off switch


  • Doesn’t sit on stand effectively
  • Customer service issues
  • Sometimes doesn’t grip the glue stick properly


7. Adhesive Technologies Pro 200 Industrial Glue Gun

Best Industrial Glue Gun

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Product Features


The Power 200 includes a durable shell, which helps to extend the unit’s lifespan.


The Pro 200 includes a powerful 200W Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating system. This offers more power than many other units on the market.

It also works with full-size glue sticks. The unit emits a maximum of 3.5 lbs. of glue/hr. Features a fast 3 minutes heating time for quicker use.


The comfortable 4-finger trigger offers better ergonomics for long-term use. There’s also a sturdy base stand to make your work more efficient.


  • Works very efficiently
  • Large unit yet easy to use
  • Good unit for DIY projects
  • Good performance for woodworking
  • Gun heats up quickly
  • Needs less trigger pressure and moves glue quickly


  • Not a heavy-duty model
  • Value doesn’t match price range
  • Sometimes leaks glue


8. Cobiz Hot Glue Gun

Full Size (Not Mini) Heavy Duty Melt Glue Gun Kit

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Product Features


The Cobiz unit is constructed of heavy-duty plastic to handle high temperatures/pressure without problems. The unit also works with various types of glue sticks.

With more power than mini adhesive guns it allows you to avoid dealing with stringy glue, a common problem with small units.


This unit includes 60W/100W dual power. This gives you the option to select 60W for arts/crafts projects and 100W for heavy-duty projects.

This unit features a PTC thermal heating system to preheat it in under 3 minutes. It is also equipped with a smart temperature control to avoid overheating.


This unit has an ergonomic design even though it’s a full-size unit, making it easy to handle with one-hand. It comes with a stable stand for resting the unit during the job or storage.


The copper nozzle provides better results than aluminum nozzles. This unit includes a fuse and built-in safety features to prevent overheating.

The Cobiz adhesive gun comes with 10 glue sticks, steel rasper and rubber finger protectors. This unit also includes a 3-year warranty and a 45-day satisfaction guarantee.


  • Temperature settings
  • Heats up very fast
  • Good budget gun
  • Switch for various heat settings
  • Good overall quality


  • Safety issues when working with metal
  • Doesn’t comply with product instructions
  • The unit’s functionality isn’t good


9. KMC Hot Glue Gun with LED Light

Hot Glue Gun with LED Ligh

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Product Features


The leak-proof design makes it easier to use for arts/crafts.

The unit is constructed with heat dissipation holes that help to lower high temperatures improving its safety. The copper nozzle provides better ergonomics and a faster heat-up time.


The 60/100W dual power provides 60W for small DIY projects. 100W can be used for high temps and heavy-duty projects. This allows for different temperatures for different applications. This KMC unit heats up quickly in under 3 minutes.


An LED light allows for using the unit in dark environments. The stainless steel stand holder


This unit incorporates various safety features to prevent the adhesive gun from overheating, making it safe and efficient.

The unit comes with 16 glue sticks in the glue gun kit. A 2-year warranty is included and its ETL listed.


  • Good quality and design
  • Switches between 60W and 100W
  • Good glue suitable  for arts/crafts
  • The unit is easy to use
  • Excellent value for low price


  • Might not be long-lasting
  • The trigger is low quality
  • Stand gets in the way


10. PROkleber Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit 100 Watt with Carry Bag

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Product Features


This unit is made to high-quality German standards with strong plastic/metal components.


The unit melts glue sticks fast due to the 100W power and high temperatures used. It can pre-heat in under 3 minutes.


This gun is ideal for many applications in the home or office such as repairing shoes, jewelry, electronics, PC boards, toys, etc. It can be used on materials such as paper, glass, wood, metal, etc.


The PROkleber features a good comfortable design allowing it to easily be used for several hours without experiencing hand fatigue. It includes a handle/trigger that fits the hand comfortably.


The product comes with 12 glue sticks and a durable travel/storage bag big enough to also store various tools/accessories.


  • A durable unit with a long service life
  • Can be used for many home/work projects
  • Doesn’t leave residue when used for posters, banners, etc.
  • Very durable and solid unit
  • Good quality gun


  • Glue sometimes leaks from the unit
  • Sometimes runs very hot

Glue Gun Buying Guide

Glue Gun Types

Heavy Duty

These are generally “professional” or “industrial” type glue guns for heavy-duty use. The wattage of these units tends to be 300-500 watts for industrial units and 100-200 watts for professional glue guns.

As well as having a  high-powered motor, heavy-duty units are made using sturdier materials and offer better designs than smaller units.

Heavy-duty glue guns are available in corded and cordless models. Keep in mind a rechargeable battery will add to the unit’s overall weight, which could be a factor for all-day tasks.  

In terms of their price tags, these high-wattage glue guns prove that “You get what you pay for.” so this is a factor to consider when deciding on which glue gun is the most suitable for you.


These are often referred to as “medium-duty” units. The wattage is typically around 80-100 watts. Ideal units for repair projects in the light-to-medium duty range.

If you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all glue gun, then you should consider a mid-wattage unit. They’re great for various functions like installations, remodeling and repairs.

These Mid-wattage glue guns have a build and features similar to some you would expect from the various different mini and heavy-duty units. You can expect features like easy-squeeze triggers and included stand.

However, they’re also less portable than mini models and less sturdy than heavy-duty models. You can find several medium-duty glue guns in the mid-price range. However, if you want more functionality and features, consider making a bigger investment for better results.


Mini Glue Gun Projects

As the name suggests, these units are smaller than average. Mini glue guns are mostly used for quick repairs and arts/crafts.

These units are significantly smaller than heavy-duty glue guns. They’re also much lighter than full-size units, so you won’t have to worry about hand fatigue. If portability is a key issue for you, then you should definitely consider a mini unit.

The wattage is also quite low with many units only producing 10W or 20W. This doesn’t provide enough power for heavy-duty use, but is enough for small arts & crafts projects.

While these are mini units, they still often include various features found in bigger models such as auto shut off, dual temperature and interchangeable nozzles.

Another issue to consider is these units use smaller hot glue gun sticks.

Depending on the projects you do, you might have to replace the units sooner than with the larger more robust units.  

What Materials Can Glue Guns, Glue?


Here are some of the main applications you can use glue guns for:

Rug Repairs

Adding some glue to the bottom of a rug can help it stay secured to a floor of laminate, wood or tiles.

Bath Toys

By plugging up the hole in the toy’s base, the inside remains clean and dry. This can prevent the buildup of microorganisms in the bath-time toys.

DIY Pet Brush

Place glue over the surface of a rubber glove, to pick up hairs from your pet cat, dog, clothing or furniture.

Wax Guns

You can use crayons or wax sticks instead of glue sticks in the guns for crafts like sealing envelopes and decorative work.

Earring Back

Fix or restore earrings by simply pushing the earring’s back into a circle of hot glue.

Non-slip hanger

Apply to a coat hanger to stop clothes falling off, this is a better option than changing all your hangers.

Toothbrush/Razor Cover

If you need a new toothbrush cover, make a new one using parchment paper.  

Prevent Falls

You can add a little hot glue to the bottom of shoes or your socks to help when running over hardwood floors without slipping.

Window Decorations

You can add things like spider webs, snowflakes and other decorations directly to the window.

Makeup Mats

Making mats for catching the outfall from your makeup brushes.

Close Shipping Boxes

This is an alternative to parcel tape and offers a more secure option.

Home Repairs

This can include fixing a wide range of options such as toys, books, eyeglasses, crockery and other items that need repairs. A mini glue gun is a good option for these quick repairs.


Resizing rings can often be pricey. If you need a quick fix then use your glue gun.

Vase Fixing/Decorating

Repairing broken crockery is a common use of glue guns as well as adding decorations to vases and sealing different designs.


If you’re looking for the best hot glue gun for fabric, then you should consider the different materials that you can use. Here are some tips when using different materials:


Glue a test piece of the fabric before you start the project

If you glue fabric to heavier material add glue to the latter, then let it cool for a short time, but don’t contact the material with the glue gun nozzle.


You can use glue guns for various cardboard projects. This includes display boxes/shelves and tumbling dice towers, etc.

You can even use cardboard to catch glue that drips when doing other projects.


When using the hot glue on glass, to get the best results, you should consider using crafting-specific glue as this will provide more gripping power on the glass.


You can use standard glue sticks when gluing ceramics, but make sure the pieces are completely dry before you try and glue them or they’re unlikely to stick

Besides using the unit for repairing ceramic pieces, you can use it to glue pieces of broken ceramics to decorate vases, bowls and mugs for some extra pizzazz.


You can use hot glue on just about all types of plastics, but for best results, buy a specialty glue that’s designed specifically for plastics in order to get extra sticking power.

It is best to avoid using all-purpose glue sticks as they do not provide the best possible bond on most surfaces.


One of the main benefits of hot glue is it hardens almost instantly. This is the opposite to wood glues that are made to create strong bonds, but take a long time to dry.

Hot glue can often be used together with wood glue to provide a 1-2 punch. For example, while wood glue is drying, you can use hot glue for clamping and holding the wood joints together.


When adding an adhesive to metal, consider a high-temperature glue gun. This is a better option for heavy materials like metal as well as others like wood, ceramics and some plastics.

Consider a mid or high-wattage unit when gluing these heavy materials so you have enough power and heat to get the job done.

What’s Your Purpose for Using a Heat Gun?


When picking a heat gun for crafts, consider reading glue gun reviews before selecting a model. However, you should also consider the  particular uses you require it for as well.

One option is a mini glue gun.

If you’re going to be using the unit only for arts and crafts, then this a good option. It’s a low-powered and compact unit, so it’s easier to use when working with lightweight materials like fabrics.

When picking a crafting gun, a good option is one with low wattage and temperature. For example, mini units typically have wattages of 10W or 20W.

This is enough power when working with light materials like paper and fabric, especially if you don’t require the high temperatures required when working with wood or metal.

Yet another benefit of mini units is they’re small, compact and lightweight, which is easier for working with smaller pieces, often mid-wattage units can be too large for the meticulous work required when doing small craft work.

If you will be doing crafts and other tasks at home or work, you may need a multi-purpose unit that can handle these things so a mid-wattage unit would be more practical.

This will offer more flexibility and cost-effectiveness when picking the best hot glue gun for crafting.


Woodworking applications require more power and higher temperatures than arts/crafts. So consider mid and high-powered units when selecting a glue gun for working with wood.

How much power do you need? Many mid-wattage units have between 100W to 200W, which is typically enough for light woodworking.

If you’ll be doing heavy-duty woodworking, then a professional/industrial model would be better, which often has 300W to 500W’s of power.

You should also consider high-temperature units over low-temperature ones.

Like the wattage factor, this is related to the heavier structure of wood that requires more energy to heat compared to lighter materials like plastic, paper and fabric.

Look for temperatures between 375 F to 450 F to get more sticking power for woodworking.

You should also consider a gun with a variable-temperature feature.

This will allow you to adjust the temperatures for different projects that could include different wood thicknesses. It would also provide more variety in terms of the types of materials you can use with the same unit.

How about the glue sticks? Look for ones that are specially designed for woodworking.

If you use a multi-purpose product, you’re more likely to get average results at best. Wood-specific glue, on the other hand is specially designed for working with dense material such as wood.

Home DIY/Repair

A mid-wattage unit is typically a good option for DIY projects and home/office repairs. In these situations, you’ll need more power than a mini unit, but won’t need a high-powered heavy-duty unit.

These projects can vary considerably. They can range from wood joints to ceramic vases. So, make sure to look for a glue gun that offers you more versatility.

Wattage and temperature ranges are good options for DIY units. Look for dual power and temperature control units in particular.

These features are relatively common for mid-range units so you won’t have to spend a lot of money for these features.

The extra versatility you’ll get for different projects makes these units a good investment.

Sealing Wax

When sealing food bottles and wine, a glue gun is a great option. Usually, the Low wattage/temperature units are fine, so a mini glue gun is a good option.

You’ll also be able to use these units for other small projects at home.

You’ll also need to secure “sealing wax” sticks instead of glue sticks. These work the same as the glue sticks except they contain wax rather than an adhesive.

Like the glue sticks, you can buy packs of wax sticks in many outlets.

Extended Use

Yet another factor to consider when picking a particular glue gun model is how often and long you plan on using the unit.

If you’ll often be using the unit all-day for heavy materials like gluing timber and metal, then a professional/industrial unit is certainly in order.

The heavier materials and components they’re constructed with means they are built to last much longer.

If you’re using the tool for your business, you should consider an investment in a high quality commercial or industrial grade glue gun, since cheaper units won’t last long.

How about mid-range units? You can find quality units in the mid price category that aren’t “heavy-duty” but are generally a better option for all-day use..

Most Important Features to Consider

Heat-up speed

When picking the best hot glue gun for wood and heavy jobs consider the heat-up speed as this can be a key issue in terms of efficiency and ease of operation.

Today you can find several units that will preheat in under 5 minutes, while some can heat up as fast as 2 minutes.

Temperature Options

The main options are single, dual and variable temperature functionalities, the best one for you will depend on the application you’ll be using the unit for.

Here are some issues.

  • Will you be using the glue gun for DIY, woodworking or craft projects—or all three?
  • Will you be working with fabric, plastic, wood, ceramic or metal?

These are important issues that are related to how much variation you need in terms of low/high temperatures.


Do you need the best cordless hot glue gun? The answer is probably yes if you love battery-powered devices and avoiding all the power cords and need for power sources.

It again depends on different factors. If you’ll be working with the glue gun all day, then the extra weight of the rechargeable battery might reduce the unit’s ergonomics and increase the risk of hand fatigue.

On the other hand, you might need more mobility at a job site. If you’re nowhere near an electrical outlet, then a cordless heat gun is something you should certainly consider.

An added plus is there’s no risk of have your power cord tangled.

Portability Options

The portability of a unit is based on various factors. Mini Hot Glue Guns are a good option if you want units that are easy to transport and store.

They include smaller dimensions and lower weights, which makes it much easier to use the units in different locations.

Another key feature to look for is a carrying case. Sometimes these come with the glue gun. In other cases, you’ll have to buy them separately.

It’s definitely an effective way to move the unit around when you need to and also protect it from dust and debris when it’s not in use.

Hot Glue Gun Sticks  

You have many options, glue sticks can be purchased individually or in large packets.

Different factors to consider include the sticks’ brand, size, and function (i.e. multi-purpose or specialized).

It’s typically better to use a task/material-specific glue since the results will be better than from so-called all-purpose glues.

You can find glue sticks sold individually or in packs. Generally, when buying larger packs you can obtain better value.

An alternative to glue sticks is wax sealing sticks. These are used for sealing rather than gluing.


Although only a small part of the glue gun the size and type of nozzle you use can have a big effect.

What should you look for? One issue to consider is the nozzle material such as copper, which is important for factors like durability.

Then there’s the type of nozzle. They include:

  • T-Tip
  • Spreader
  • Needle
  • Extension
  • Spray
  • High Viscosity

It’s important to do your research to pick the best nozzle for the type of gluing you’ll be doing. To produce the best results.


If you want the best rated hot glue gun, then make sure to follow the “safety first” rule. Here are some common burn safety features to consider:

Anti-Hot Cover

This is a key safety feature that can keep your hands safe when operating the unit.

Dripping hot glue can be extremely dangerous, so you should certainly look for an anti-hot cover on the unit you pick.

Drip-free Nozzle

This feature can help to prevent super-hot glue from dripping from the nozzle. This is critical to help prevent accidents when operating a high-temperature unit


This feature shuts off the unit if it’s not used within a certain time-frame. Like other power tools, it’s possible to forget to switch off the unit when you’re done.

The Auto-off feature provides a safety valve in case you forget to take that critical step when you’re done.


The stand provides a place where you can safely store the unit when it’s not in use. Sometimes the stand comes with the unit and other times you’ll have to purchase it separately.

In both cases, it’s an accessory to consider in order to get the best results from the tool.