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Pool repair

Pool & Spa Repair

Become the Michael Phelps of DIY Pool Repair

If you own a swimming pool then you know two things:

1) Paying someone for pool maintenance can be costly, and

2) Self-maintenance of your swimming pool and/or spa can be time-consuming, not to mention the inevitable learning curve it comes with.

Okay, so pick your poison, right?

In the end, it's probably better to do your own pool upkeep and general repairs because the more you know about it, the more in touch you are with your pool equipment.

Pool Repair photoWhat does that mean? It means you can keep tabs on things before they become a problem.

This translates to a safer swimming pool because you can watch closely how your pool and equipment is operating.

It also means components like pumps, filters, baskets and hoses to name a few can last longer.

A vigil, knowledgeable eye is better than a pool repair man stopping by once a wee for 10 minutes.

And the learning curve...Well, fortunately, over time, you'll learn great pool maintenance tips and tricks that speed up the process of regular pool maintenance.

The same goes for the inevitable pool repairs too.

Pool and spa maintenance comes in two parts. The first is actually maintaining the health and cleanliness of the water in the pool.

This is through the use of proper chemicals for your water type and conditions and the proper application of these substances.

The second part of pool maintenance and repair deals with the actual equipment and materials, including swimming pool walls, baskets, filters, pumps and heaters.

With both of these working smoothly you have that refreshing and inviting pool we all love.

The average pool owner can maintain their pool adequately in terms of the two parts mentioned above.

Unless you have a major pool repair to do such as fixing a crack or replacing a large piece of equipment, you'll be able to learn about your particular pool and cleaning systems and how best to maintain it.

Pool Repair Guides

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  • How to Clean D.E. Pool Filters
    These are considered one of the best kinds of filters. But because they work so well, you have to clean them out after their "job well done". Instead of paying the pool maintenance guy, save yourself a considerable amount of funds and do it yourself. This guide walks you through each step, shortening your leaning curve so you can get back to swimming.