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Your home flooring is made up of more parts than you probably realize. Supporting floor joists or multi-layered concrete slabs lie at the bottom. Then you probably have a sub-floor made of plywood sheets. Carpet and wood floors come next with pads and vapor-barriers. Vinyl and tiled floors require their own underlayment.

Now, don't think a home flooring topic would just be about the pretty stuff on top! Cracks, creaks and smells in your floors are almost always coming from the bottom layer.

It goes without saying though that your home floor covering (top layer), is the best layer since it's what you see and feel as you walk about your house.

A home improvement flooring project can dramatically change the appearance and "feel" of a room. Hard surfaces such as tile flooring and wood flooring, can infuse qualities from country-esque to grand palace into your space. Carpet floors bring you a softness and richness that can make your house feel friendly, warm and cozy.

Whatever your home flooring style, you're surely to face a repair or replacement project if you live in your home a long time or have moved into an older property.

Surface damage to floors occurs and can affect both the looks and integrity of your house. Sub-flooring can squeak and joists can cause bulging and sagging. The best thing to do is evaluate your flooring situation and use the proper remedy to bring things up to snuff.

  • How to Fix a Floor Squeak
    It's like taking your floor to the chiropractor... You make the right adjustments, and things feel and work smoothly again. Find out what's going on with your noisy floors and learn about a sure-bet way to permanently get them to stop creaking.
  • Refinishing Hardwood Floors
    This endeavor is usually a process of clean, prepare and apply. Get the skinny on the best ways to prepare your hardwood home flooring and tips for a quality and long-lasting finish application.
  • Repair Broken or Cracked Tile
    You can usually make tile repairs yourself if you follow these all-important steps. Only a few tools and supplies are needed - just add your steady hands, and your tile floor will look as good as new.
  • Vinyl Flooring Repair
    There are several problems that can come up with vinyl flooring. Factors like whether it was installed correctly or not, age and the kind of beating it takes can lead to bubbling, dents, scratches and gouges, just to name a few. Follow these tips to improve this common type of home flooring.
  • How to Remove Gum from Carpet
    Oh the joys of sticky, dried chewing gum in your carpeting. All hope doesn't have to be lost if your carpet has fallen victim... A few methods described here almost always lead to successful removal. The mantra "keep trying" definitely applies, do do not give up.
  • Remove Pet Urine Off Concrete
    Nothing will stain or smell up a cement floor like pet urine. If your dog or cat has had some accidents in your basement, garage or patio, there is a great product that can help. Follow the directions carefully, apply a little elbow grease, and consider the problem solved.
  • Epoxy Garage Floor Coating
    While technically not in your home's living space, adding an epoxy finish to your garage or basement floor can do wonders for the appearance and clean-up of any space. Follow these steps for your prep and finish jobs, and your concrete flooring will never look better.
  • How to Install Carpet
    Even with so many homeowners opting for hardwood (real or look-alike) these days, carpeting is still a very popular flooring choice either for the whole house or just select rooms. If you want to lay carpet in a room or two, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. Check out these 7 basic steps to get the job done easily and looking like a pro did it.
  • Cat Urine Odor Removal
    There's a main rule of thumb to follow here: use the right product as soon as you can. And even if you can't act quickly, don't try too hard with the wrong products. Follow this method to get your carpets and floors smelling "normal" again.
  • Laminate vs Hardwood Flooring
    Let's compare laminate flooring and hardwood to help you decide which one is right for you when considering installation, costs, maintenance and of course the appearance of these gorgeous and durable flooring options in your home.
  • Remove Carpet Glue from Hardwood Floor
    There are a couple of ways to solve this sticky problem. You need to scrape the old glue off while protecting the precious hardwood floor beneath your job. Let's look at how to best get some old, nasty carpet glue out of the way so you can get your hardwood floor looking like new again.

  • How to Sand Concrete
    Wanting a smooth finished surface from hard concrete is one thing, but getting there is a whole other question. Check out your options, depending on your needs, and let these steps guide you through a smooth process for getting your rough concrete floor (or wall) looking sleek and evened out.

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