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Home Repair Grants in Texas

Home Repair Grants in Texas

Texas lawmakers have become increasingly aware of the dire need for emergency home repairs in recent years.

One piece of legislation called the Home Repair Grant Program was proposed and will help you pay for property repairs due to certain situations.

Texas home repair grants provide low-income individuals with grants as an alternative way of getting money to fix up their homes.

There might be an option for you if your budget is too tight to pay for much needed maintenance and repairs.

Let’s take a look at how to find, apply, qualify and receive free funds for your property’s project.

Getting Started

The truth is, many of us are in the market for home improvement grants in Texas.

Repairs and updates are often necessary for our homes to keep them livable and make them more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Starting up on your home project is as simple as filling out an application once you’ve found a program that provides funds for what you need.

If accepted (based on a few qualifying factors), you’ll receive a grant that can cover 25-80 percent of the cost of your work.

Who Can Apply for Texas Home Repair Grants?

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You may be eligible for grant money in the lone-star state depending on your financial and household circumstances.

Here are some of the requirements:

  • If you’ve been through a natural disaster or your house has suffered from a lot of wear and tear over the years, it’s most likely time to invest in home repairs.
  • Be unable to get financing elsewhere.
  • If you are 60 years or older, divorced, legally disabled, homeless, or a veteran.

These grants can help with a variety of repairs, such as:

  • Repairing an exterior wall or roof
  • Fixing a broken water line
  • Replacing a failed gas line
  • Installing storm doors, new windows, or garage door openers
  • Rebuilding a damaged porch on your Texas home

Applying for Government Grants for Home Repairs in Texas

Before applying, you simply need to find out what kind of grants you may be eligible for and which organization provides them in your area.

The application process is pretty straight forward.

Note, that it’s never too late to apply for a home repair grant. You can easily fill out an application today!

Tx Home Repair Grants You Can Apply for Now

Several organizations and individuals provide funding if you need financing to repair or update your home.

Below is a list of grants available to the citizens of Texas. These grants are administered by the state government and provide financial assistance for certain home repairs.

Affordable Housing Program for Home Repairs

The Texas Department of Housing And Community Affairs, T.D.H.C.A. is a governmental agency that grants you as a homeowner and even renters to help pay for home repairs.

The applicant must meet income guidelines and have paid property taxes, mortgages, insurance, and utility bills in the last 12 months before applying.

More information is on the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs website.

Get the full scoop from the T.D.H.C. A. site here.

Donation Program

Habitat for Humanity ReStores is a nonprofit that seeks to eliminate poverty, housing, and homelessness worldwide.

Doing a home repair project on your property might be too costly or time-consuming for you.

Or your dwelling may be beyond repair, and you need the benefit of new housing – this program can help build a home for you!

This source offers a variety of financial assistance and grant programs designed specifically with you in mind.

Check out the details of their grants and eligibility requirements.

Click here to learn more!

Do You Live In Beaumont?

If you cannot make home repairs, know that there are organizations that can help!

The Beaumont Community Development Corporation (C.D.C.) home repair program offers service providers and affordable home loans that help families move out of unsafe structures caused by natural disasters.

You can spend grant money in many ways, including materials used in roofing and flooring projects. We all a new roof is one of the most expensive repairs a house needs over time!

For more information, check out the Beaumont community development corporation website.

Electric Appliance Grants for a More Efficient Home

Atmos Grant Funding is a financial company that helps with heater and water heater replacement for Atmos gas customers who meet income guidelines.

Grants are available in the form of loans that are repaid with part or all of income and may be used to fix electricity, heating, cooling, and water problems at the property owner’s residence.

Successful applicants must provide proof that they reside in a home and show how their efforts will result in energy savings for their household over the next three years.

Applications are processed through a secure online portal before funding is approved or denied.

View the contact details on how this grant program works or the application process.

Get all the information by visiting Atmos!

Save Energy in a More Livable Home

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Weatherization Assistance Grant Programs help low-income households improve their energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

It goes without saying that this in turn, can save you a ton of money in energy expenses to keep your home safe and comfortable.

The findings suggest several recommendations to save money on utility bills and make the house more livable.

The requirements and funding levels for each of these programs are different.

Do your research to determine whether or not you qualify for any of these grants.

Check out the full program here!

Disability Grants

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The Architectural Barrier Removal Program is a Texas grant program that helps fund the removal or avoidance of barriers in homes.

Suppose you live in Texas and have a physical disability with an architectural barrier; you may be eligible for a grant to help fund the removal of any obstacles that stand between your home and yourself.

Find out about these programs and how to apply.

Grants for the Elderly

The Rural Community Development Block Grant Program is for individuals aged 60 and older with less than $150,000 in annual household income.

This program can help communities with infrastructure improvements and damage restoration projects; again, based on ages of its recipients.

To qualify for aid you must own, occupy, or lease the home as your principal residence in the state of Texas of course.

To apply, contact your local Community Development group.

Find out how to reach this program’s contacts here.

Home Improvement Funds for Moderate Income Texans

Urban Housing Department (H.U.D) is an innovative nonprofit organization that provides sustainable ownership opportunities to low and moderate-income families, seniors, and people with disabilities.

They also provide the labor necessary to convert the property into a safe and accessible living space.

This program is for families with at least one Working Adult (18+) and one Child under 18 that earns below $36,000 per year and cannot afford home repairs independently.

Learn more here now.

Are You A Veteran And Live in Texas?

The Veterans Home Repair And Rehabilitation Grants Program started in 2011 and has assisted Texas Veterans and their spouses since.

The funding comes from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, which is a one-time or recurring nature, depending on your specific needs.

So before you start your home repair project this year, find out if you meet the qualifications for these repairs by visiting this link.

Aid for Rural Residents

The Texas Rural Residents Initiative offers grants of up to $5,000 if you want to make home repair improvements.

It would be best if you lived in a rural Texas county, worked in a rural Texas county, and were seeking housing with at least three out of four rental units occupied by low-income tenants.

You must be an owner/occupant or tenant of a property in a designated contiguous Texas county.

You must apply at least one time per year to receive this assistance.

To learn more about individual counties in the contiguous area, click here.

Health Grants

The Lead-Based Paint Hazard Control Grant is available to renters and landlords with children under six who reside in a property built before 1978 and may have lead-based paint issues.

The lead hazard control grant focuses on the health risk and not on the physical alterations that may be necessary to fix the problem.

Learn more about the program here.

Final Tips:

The following list will help encourage and navigate you through the process of securing grant money for your Texas home.

1. The sooner you apply for a Texas home repair grant the sooner you’ll get access to cash.

2. When starting any project using your funds, be sure to get a contractor you can trust, such as P.E.R.T., Inc., a member of the B.B.B., and ensure they have proper licensing and carry insurance before agreeing.

3. Attend free workshops and seminars to repair and maintain your home correctly.

4. Be sure to get estimates before you start any repairs.

5. Remember there are different home renovation grants available in Texas for specific issues, such as home energy audits, roof repair, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and more.

6. Don’t forget to ask your friends and neighbors about any good contractors they may know if you’re new to managing repair, remodeling or building projects.

Best of luck getting free home repair grants in Texas! It truly is one of the most helpful states when it comes to supporting it residents in need!