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Home plumbing repair

Plumbing Repair

Take the plunge and do your own plumbing repairs

When talking about home plumbing, it can either be glamorous or down-right dirty. Just ask a plumber...

Picking out new plumbing fixtures, faucets or sinks can be a lot of fun.

Fixing water leaks in your shower plumbing or kitchen isn't. Plumbing Repair photo

Then there's your stopped up toilet and clogged drain; scenarios you may not even wish on your worst enemies.

But these aforementioned plumbing repairs don't have to be ugly. In fact, they can be glamorous in their own right.

For me, if I can stop a running toilet, clear a big clog or get the garbage disposal working again, I feel great.

It's probably because I didn't have to shell out the bucks to hire a plumber!

My plumbing repair articles, guides, tips and how-to's can help with your do-it-yourself plumbing installation, repair and/or replacement projects.

Keep in mind, having the right plumbing supplies on hand will make your job easier.

Browse below for shower and bath plumbing, kitchen plumbing and other home plumbing topics. Also, use the search box above to help in your search.

Plumbing Repair Topics

Plumbing Repair Guides

  • Plumbing Repair: Noise in Water Pipes
    Water pipes shouldn't rattle and clank when used, but when they do it can be disturbing.

    Thankfully, this hammering doesn't usually cause harm, but it can be an annoyance. Learn about what's going on, and how you can install a device to help stop it.
  • Plumbing Repair: Frozen Pipes
    Wintertime temperatures can take their toll on your plumbing. When a freeze occurs, you're stuck when it comes to water.

    Here's what to do to defrost your water pipes and some ideas on how to prevent it from happening again during the next cold spell.
  • Clogged Drains
    We've all experienced a clogged drain in the kitchen or bathroom. Most of the time, a plunger works. When it doesn't there are a few more things to try before spending your hard earned money on a plumber.

    Learn how to do exactly what the plumber would do, but at a fraction of the cost.
  • Kitchen Sink Clogged Beyond the P Trap
    Here are a few methods (from the basic to the more forceful), for getting at a hard to reach clog deep within your kitchen's drainage plumbing.
  • Sump Pump Battery Backup
    If you live in an area susceptible to flooding, then you probably have a sump pump. But a fierce storm that brings torrential rain can also knock out the power, making your pump unworkable...unless you have a backup battery.

    Here's the low-down on what these are with recommendations on what systems might be best for you and your pump.
  • How to Remove Caulking
    While not a plumbing repair per se, caulking goes hand-in-hand with many plumbing projects. It's what finishes off the job and prevents leaks...

    It's important to keep it fresh and intact, which means you need to get rid of the old stuff sometimes. Follow these steps to make it easy on yourself.