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Here at HomeRepairGeek our purpose is to help you find the easiest, most complete, and cost-effective way to take care of your home.

And we do this by geeking out on three things:

The first is obviously how to fix the countless things that can go wrong in and outside a house. There really is a lot (whew).

The second is how we can do it the best way possible at the lowest possible price. If you can buy a part and get something working like new again, then you’re going to know about it here. If it’s time to call in an expert, we’re going to make sure you get someone you can trust and at the price it should actually cost you.

The third one? Oh yeah, that’s having fun! Nerds do truly have the most fun. And we want to teach you how to do it too.

Who the Heck Are We?


Brian H photoBrian Hagan
Chief Editor & Writer

Brian discovered his love for home improvement when he used to help his grandfather fix up his rental houses growing up. In college, while the other kids were studying (or partying), Brian was placing ads in the local papers offering handyman services. His early-discovered passion for fixing and building things has carried over into his own business, where managing his rental properties himself for more than 15 years along with running a home repair and maintenance business that serves low-income homeowners.

He loves helping people, from sharing how-to articles online to volunteering at Home Depot on Saturdays to show people how to make things and improve their homes. He believes in learning by doing and is never ashamed to research-proven methods to save himself time. He also admits he loves reading the directions to things just to see how they work. Now that’s a true geek!” 

Contact Brian here!

Aaron B photoAaron Bauer
Project Editor & Writer

If humans didn’t have to sleep, Aaron would be the first person to turn his bedroom into another workshop! This is one guy that really never runs out of energy. It’s a good thing because as a 25-year veteran of house remodeling, there really is no time for lounging around.

Now, Aaron helps contribute his endless wisdom to the world by geeking out on this site. When he’s not getting his hands dirty you’ll find him advising apprentices on their way to becoming plumbers, electricians, and carpenters. Yeah, this guy lives and breathes home projects.

Contact Aaron here!

If at any time you need to contact us with a question or a concern, feel free to do so here. We’ll do our best to help you out – because what good is being a geek if you can’t share what you know?!