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Air conditioner repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Keep your cool and learn about air conditioner repair, maintenance installation and more

Your air conditioner is a nifty little system; it cools and liquefies a very cold substance (called refrigerant), then circulates it around to a blower that then pushes air from home across it making it really cold and dry.

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It's a godsend during most summer days in the U.S., and when you're in need of A/C repair, you and your family can become desperate to say the least.

It's important then to learn which repairs and problems you can do yourself, when you need to call a professional to evaluate the problem, and also how to actually avoid the need for air conditioning repairs in the first place.

It's true that most window and central air conditioner issues are due to poor maintenance. For example, bent fan blades in your condenser unit (the big noisy box outside) can force undo strain on your A/C motor.

Air conditioner coils should always be clean and free of dirt and debris to avoid other efficiency problems. Also, your condenser should always be in a level position to operate properly. A room or window air conditioner should be kept clean too, including the filter.

Air conditioner troubleshooting can be a little difficult if you're totally unfamiliar with all the parts to your system. If air isn't cooling (or worse, moving), you can always start by inspecting the thermostat, your condenser unit and your main system blower.

Of course, you should also verify that there is power going to both your condenser and your central air blower. From there, you can try to narrow things down to the root problem.

Again though, proper maintenance and regular care for your air conditioner is a must. Just as you tune up your car and change the oil, you need to tune up your home air conditioner and change filters. Doing this diligently could help you save and even avoid future air conditioner repair costs.

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