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House painting

House Painting

Everything you need for painting your house and more

Nothing transforms a space or an exterior facade more than a new coat of paint. Whether you're just sprucing up a room or painting a house from foundation to roof, this rule gives you positive results every time (provided you've chosen an appealing color or theme!).

Painting walls, trim and other surfaces correctly goes beyond just picking out paint colors for your home.

Painting a House photoSure, choosing colors can be challenging but when it comes time to put on the paint there are certainly "right ways" and ways that give you poor results. But hey, only if you look closely right?

Even if you don't see a "poor" paint job up close, proper preparation before painting a house and using quality paint and materials go a long way to giving you a long-lasting finish you can be proud of.

Techniques used by the pros can easily be mastered by the average Joe with just a little bit of practice. Everyone should do their own small painting jobs.

If you're painting a whole house, it may be best to shop around for a reputable paint company or neighborhood painter.

For now, here are some painting tips, guides and how-to's for painting your house and other paint projects in your home.

Learn about paint types, sheens, techniques and the right tools to use when painting house exteriors and interiors.

House Painting Guides

  • How to Paint without Brush Marks
    Professional painters can do it, why can't you? Here's a list of easy tips to give you a smooth finish on your brush-painted surfaces.
  • Cleaning Paint Brushes
    If you have a quality paint brush (which you should!), you want to take care of it. Proper cleaning is the most important thing you can do to keep a brush lasting for years. Follow these steps to keep your number one housing paint tool working like new.
  • Removing Paint Before Painting a House
    The biggest part of your prep work before painting your house is getting rid of the old stuff. Elbow grease and big heavy tools have long been the standard. But there's a new way that is both safer AND easier.
  • Painting Doors
    Sometimes easy, sometimes awkward as heck. There are a few approaches to make your job easier whether your door is hung or not, full of ornate detail or completely flat.
  • Peeling Paint on Outside of House
    Fixing a paint-peeling problem requires you to go back in time first: figure out what's causing it in the first place. From there, you can repair the surface big or small, and re-paint.
  • Painting Stucco on a House
    It's almost like painting wood or siding, but there a few differences to keep in mind. Learn how to address cracks, plus the best ways to prep for and apply paint when you're ready.
  • How to Seal Wood
    Useful tips you can apply to make your next wood building or restoration project look and stay looking fantastic.