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Home Improvement Grants for Ohio

Home Improvement Grants for Ohio

Like other states, if you’re hunting for home improvement grants in Ohio, then you will need to apply for a program intended just for Ohio residents and homeowners.

Such a program is designed and rewarded for defined purposes.

In the realm of home repair grants, they are focused on home improvements and community enhancement for less fortunate residents, or aiding those who qualify based on incomes earned, to help them maintain their aging homes.

In older or historic neighborhoods, Ohio home improvement grants will be offered to help restore, rebuild or rehabilitate structures and other home sites that have been deemed as needing repair because of their age.

Grants for Ohio homeowners may have the purpose of bringing people and communities closer together; helping to build spirit as well as establish sound buildings.

Refer to the list below for other examples of opportunities where supporting agencies and the U.S. federal government are providing money.

A lot of this funding originates right from the U.S. government and is targeted down into projects at the state level, including Ohio.

Again, it’s at this state level where it makes the most sense for someone like you searching out money for home repairs whether you live in big cities like Cleveland or Cincinnati or even smaller towns in rural Ohio.

You’ll be glad to learn that as a state, Ohio offers one of the highest levels of support to it’s residents, including new homeowners and long-time property owners alike.

This is true not just in home repair assistance, but creating general housing, i.e. working to ensure people have a place to live.

Landlords often reap benefits in the form of grant money to fix up rental properties and make them more comfortable and even livable in extreme cases.

So, combined with federal assistance, you’re in good hands if you live in Ohio.

Keep in mind, you should always look at your options.

For example, such as those offered by Ohio’s Department of Development.

Check the web at: to find out more. Researching a resource such as this one merely gets the ball rolling.

More doors open if just open the first one!

Home Improvement Grants – Ohio

  • The Habitat for Humanity for Ohio offers several grant opportunities. Although centered around new construction and creating affordable housing, there are some home rehabilitation opportunities within the organization. It’s worth checking out some of what the Ohio affiliates have to offer:
  • Although not specifically a grant, some Ohio “big box” retailers support building and restoration materials at discounted prices: Learn more here:
  • The State of Ohio Office of Energy Efficiency offers home repair grant money for weatherization.
  • Ohio’s Community Development Corporations (CDCs) have local offices statewide. The CDC programs are aimed at developing community environments; its Vista Project include activities to address vacant and rundown properties.
  • The Department of Veteran Affairs in Ohio offers aid and other resources to veterans in pursuit of home maintenance projects
  • The Ohio Department of Development received federal repair grant money via HUD. The Ohio Office of Community Development can help you find out what’s available in your city.
  • Ohio’s Rural Development Office always has money available for home repair grants to Ohio residents located in what’s considered rural locations.

In the preceding list, understand that these are just a few of the grant options available in the state of Ohio.

For more options or more specific home repair grant opportunities, you can contact a state office close to you such as a HUD location.

You will see in your greater search, that Ohio home improvement grants may not be easily visible.

Plan on making a few calls.

Don’t lose patience or get bogged down if it feels like you’re running in circles.

As you search, one tip is to define  clear and easy to explain reasons for what you’re looking to use potential home improvement grant money for.

You’ll want to lay out specific ideas for how you can use the money to improve and clean up your property.

Examples include making additional livable space in an existing house or apartment building, bringing old and unusable plumbing or electrical systems up to date (creating a safer environment). 

Improving energy efficiency and weatherization are also big winners in securing money for home updates.

If you can bring a non-profit or community group slant to your case, all the better.

States like Ohio would love to give home improvement money if it affects the greater good of a community or one who supports or aids in cleaning up the cities and helping those in need.

Realize this:

Home repair grants inside Ohio are not going to be offered for typical maintenance projects to your home.

Examples include upgrading an appliance or fixing basic plumbing or roof leaks.

This will be true in most circumstances, but it doesn’t hurt to see everything that may be available to you as a Ohio homeowner.

Remember too, that depending on your individual financial situation, you could be eligible for more than you expected.

Finally, try to understand what a specific Ohio home repair grant intends to do by offering monies.

If you can present yourself as a match to their goals, then you’ll succeed.

These kinds of grants definitely get rewarded to individuals who don’t give up.

Ohio, like all states, do have opportunities available, and it’s your opportunity to go out there and find the right one for your needs.

Clarence Imhoff

Thursday 22nd of September 2022

I am looking for funding to put a foundation to my nearly 200 year old house in West Farmington the present one is cracked and leaks water in at best.

Joseph f Ostruh

Tuesday 20th of September 2022

I need a new roof bad


Wednesday 14th of September 2022

I need 85000 dollars for home.repairs .how do.i apply.ray huffer

Rachel Huddleston

Friday 10th of June 2022

Do you help those who live in other states

Joshua Pahl

Monday 2nd of May 2022

The home we recently bought used to be known as The Oaks. We would like to restore it to its original beauty. The previous owners let it fall apart and I would hate for it to be an eye sore to our community when it was once a beautiful place that everyone loved.