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Interior Wall Repair

Get your paint and spackling, it's time for wall repair

The interior walls in your house are such an important part of your home on so many levels.

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First, wall architecture helps to support your ceilings and ultimately your attic and roof. When a wall doesn't serve a structural purpose, it's placed to help divide and separate areas of your home's interior to give you a unique living space.

Finally, walls lend so much to the look and feel of your home because you use them as a canvas for your décor and color schemes. Paint goes on to give your environment broad strokes of color, while pictures, mirrors and countless other accessories hang on walls to accent and enhance the overall mood of a room.

But because walls are everywhere in your home, they do take their fair share of use and abuse. Wall repair is inevitable over time, especially with kids, pets or the overzealous decorator who likes to change things up often. Read: Hang lots of pictures on the wall.

Wall repair entails everything from patching a nail or screw hole to fixing age-related symptoms like cracks and nail pops. If there is one area a DIY homeowner can take on it's wall repairs. Most projects can be done quickly and easily using the correct tools and materials.

  • Wall Repair: Nail Pops
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    One of the most common wall repairs a home owner makes is covering up a hole, crack or dent in their drywall. The best option for repair comes down to how big the hole is.
  • How to Mud Drywall
    Installing walls is a multi-step process. Mudding is just one important part. Learn the proper way to do this, along with techniques to use for specific parts of your new wall.
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    How to finish out your basement using materials that don't involve the traditional stuff. Make it easy on yourself but still get great results.
  • Removing Moisture Stains on Ceiling
    Here are some helpful ways you can stop and remove unsighly condensation and the stains they leave behind on your walls and ceilings.