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Bi-fold Door Sizes [Complete Guide]

Bi-fold Door Sizes [Complete Guide]

Bi-fold doors have become a hot commodity in our homes in modern times, with even new houses styling these nifty doors.

Coming in various sizes and configurations, they’re primarily used for closets in bedrooms and hallways.

It’s also common to see them used as room dividers, external doors, in pantries, laundry areas or where a home furnace is housed.

With all the ways to use them, there seems to be endless numbers of bi-fold door sizes.

When it comes to dimensions, there are standard bi-fold door sizes as well as many custom types to fit the measurements you need. 

In this article, I’ll review all the relevant details you need to know when measuring and installing one of these doors in your home.

The Configurations You Need to Know for Sizing Bi-fold Doors

folding door measurement

Young handyman working with measure tape

You need to be careful about the measurements if you’re installing one of these doors. 

In this section, I’ll discuss the different corner-to-corner numbers you need to work with. 

You can create custom bi-fold door sizes or buy ready-made ones. 

The size of the door depends on the size of your wall opening. 

To measure the wall accurately, I recommend following the steps outlined below.

  1. Use a large spirit level. We’re looking for the diagonal connecting the corners.
  2. Take three measures of the width from three different heights. Half an inch from the smallest recorded measure is the measurement of your door.

If you’re picking up one of these doors from the nearest hardware store, remember to be accurate about the opening. 

Retail outlets only sell bi-folds in specific sizes. 

For an arrangement of even-numbered doors, a single door leaf should be at least 28 inches wide.

If you’re using an odd number of doors, each should be at least 16 inches wide.

This is a list of common bi-fold door sizes that are available at most hardware stores. Most bi-fold doors are 80 inches in height.

  • 2’0’’ x  6’8’’ Bi-fold – Two 12’’ Panels
  • 2’6’’ x  6’8’’ Bi-fold – Two 15’’ Panels
  • 2’8’’ x 6’8’’ Bi-fold – Two 16’’ Panels
  • 3’0’’ x 6’8’’ Bi-fold – Two 18’’ Panels
  • 4’0’’ x 6’8’’ Bi-fold – Four 12’’ Panels
  • 5’0’’ x 6’8’’ Bi-fold – Four 15’’ Panels
  • 6’0’’ x 6’8’’ Bi-fold – Four 18’’ Panels

The sizes are also standard if you’re looking for louvered bi-fold door sizes. 

This is another popular choice among home renovators.

If you search for bi-fold closet door sizes, you may be looking at more panels than a conventional entrance. 

You can be creative with how many doors you use. The number of doors will determine the size of the opening, of course. 

Bi-fold Doors with Jambs

You can also choose to add jambs. If you want to add them, you’ll need a bigger rough opening. The extra door space is to accommodate the jambs.

A general guideline is listed below. It’s based on orders placed in popular hardware stores. 

This will provide you with a good idea of the measurements.

  • One door with an approximate opening size of 3.3 feet
  • Two doors with an approximate opening size of 7.2 feet
  • Three doors with an approximate opening size of 11.1 feet
  • Four doors with an approximate opening size of 15.1 feet
  • Five doors with an approximate opening size of 19 feet
  • Six doors with an approximate opening size of 23 feet
  • Seven doors with an approximate opening size of 26.9 feet
  • Eight doors with an approximate opening size of 30.8 feet

You also need to take the overall bi-fold door thickness into account, which includes the width of the surrounding frames. 

These doors are commonly made with aluminum frames. This lets you have doors with very thin and lightweight (but sturdy) frames. 

The metal creates a strong body, which can let the door support materials like heavy glass. 

The frames have a total thickness of 3 inches, with the door sashes being 2.8 inches wide.

white folding door

The doors open either inwards or outwards. If you have space to spare outside, I recommend installing out-swinging doors.

If you’re doing a DIY installation, pay close attention to the bi-fold door size rough opening. 

Always allow for ½ inch thick drywall on both sides and the top. You’ll need a little more space under the door. 

A popular recommendation from online retailers is 1 ½ inches. This will vary depending on the floor you have.

Here’s an example: 

If your selected door is 48 by 80 inches, the finished opening size for the bi-fold door will be 48 by 82 inches.

Quick facts:

The name bi-fold comes from the ability to fold in or out to allow a passage.

A wide range of materials is used in the construction and hardware used for these doors.

You can use as many individual door panels as you want.

If you’re using an indoor bi-fold door system, it’ll usually include two panels.

Door materials can include aluminum, wood, metals, shutters, even uPVC composite. 

How do bi-fold doors work?

The doors have a built-in tracking system that uses small wheels. The track is on the panels and is connected to a train. The doors fold by moving over a track. 

The doors can fold towards the left or right. If you are adding many doors to the project, some of them can fold to the left while others can fold right. 

The position of the lead door is essential. If it’s in the middle of your arrangement, two panels will move left, and three will move right in a five-door setup. 

If it’s on one side of your design, all doors will move in the same direction.


What size should a bi-fold door be to fit correctly in the opening?

The width and height of the bi-fold door need to be ½’’ smaller than the opening.

What is the minimum size for bi-fold doors?

The minimum dimensions will depend on the number of doors. The minimum width is 24 inches, and the minimum number of panels is two.

How do you measure for a new bi-fold door?

Whether buying custom sizes or picking one up from the hardware store, you have to measure your opening correctly. 

The opening will have 2 inches more width and height than your door. Adjust your door measurements accordingly.

Can you cut a bi-fold door to fit?

Yes, you can trim doors to adjust for the size of your opening. This is common with wood louver doors. Just make sure to do so evenly on the left and right sides of the door.

If there’s a frame, you’ll have to remove it first and cut the top and bottom to the new width of the door panels.

How much space do you need for a bi-fold door?

The most popular rough opening size is 49 by 82 inches. Custom doors are available for larger openings.


Bi-fold doors offer a diverse range of house renovation options. They come in a range of materials and sizes. 

The main things to focus on are the measurements of the opening and the door so you get a snug and finished look. 

Unlike conventional doors, bi-folds offer a greater range in motion. This allows you to utilize space inside or outside your house.

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