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Reviews for Multimaster Tool Kits

What is a Multimaster Tool (Sonic Saw)?
A multimaster tool (generic names: multifunction power tool, sonic saw, oscillating tool, multi-tasking tool, sonic power tool, rotary tool) is a compact power tool designed with interchangeable saw blades and other attachments for cutting, sanding, grinding, scraping and more. This incredibly versatile tool allows for very high efficiency and smooth operation as it literally vibrates a blade at very high frequencies, hence the popular name sonic saw in many cases.

Its design also enables specialty uses such as a flush cut or scraping. Originally a professional type contractor’s tool, multi-master tool kits have become affordable and are used by do-it-yourself homeowners everywhere. A multimaster tool kit can be used for just about any project, whether it be building and woodworking, repair, remodeling, or restoration work. Ripping into walls, slicing pipes, cutting nails, scraping off old paint, and sanding wood trim to name a few. It can be used on materials from soft woods and hard woods to plastics and metals. These sonic saw tools are known for their ease of use and control, safe operation, high precision and minimal dust creation during use.

You’ve probably seen one of the popular multimaster tools on TV. Let’s take a look at a few of the top-selling multimaster tools to help you decide which might be best for you and your applications.

Multimaster Tool Reviews & Comparisons
The following are the most important factors users of multimaster sonic saws have consistently regarded in their buying decision. They are factors, features or limitations, which you should consider when reviewing a multimaster tool kit purchase.

  • Price (total price based on kit sizes)
  • Brand (quality, durability, popularity, replacement blade ease)
  • Features (size, case, cord vs. battery)
  • Known Complaints (based on reviews)

Quick Multimaster Tool Review Matrix

Multimaster Tool Revew Brands and Factors Fein MultiMaster Tool Review
Fein Multimaster Tool

Rockwell Sonicrafter

Bosch Multi-X

Dremel Multi-Max
Price $200-$500+
(avg. $360)

Buy here
(avg. $180)

Buy here
(avg. $205)

Buy here
(avg. $90)

Buy here
Brand Qualities – “professional’s” tool
– considered “best” overall multimaster tool on market for quality
– most powerful cutting, quieter than other brands
– known from TV ads
– solid and durable
– mixed reviews on blade durability
– good weight and balance, feels good in hand
– easy to handle and grip/hold
– good for small projects overall
– “cheaper” model but great for average consumer
Features – many models and kit sizes to choose from – corded w/ extra long cord
– best storage case (bag with nice blade holders)
-includes adapters to fit other brands’ attachments
– cordless  
Known Complaints   – blades don’t last long
– skimpy owner’s manual
– blades must be tightened extremely tight or they come loose during use
– overall great for handyman, not contractor
– not great for cutting some metals
– inconsistent quality control
– most included attachments are sandpaper
– short battery life (as low as 10 mins.)
– hot battery during heavy usage
– noisy when running on high
– corded, but underpowered
– hobbyist tool, not for “every-day” use

Multimaster Tool Review Conclusions
If you were to ask anyone from contractor to handyman to do-it-yourselfer to try the top multifunction tools on the market and then create their own, unbiased multimaster tool review here’s what the result would be in a nutshell. The Fein Multimaster Tool is by far the winner when it comes to quality, durability and general satisfaction. The big “but” with the Fein products though is obviously the price. It’s nearly twice the price of most of the lower-end brands, like Rockwell and Bosch. Dremel tools fall even below those on cost. Comparing the Fein Multimaster with any of these “second place” and beyond brands however, seems to lead to a general consensus among multimaster tool reviewers: And that’s the old saying “you get what you pay for.” Ok, fine, Fein would win any multimaster tool review or sonic saw awards, despite it costing more. But what if you don’t need “commercial” grade quality? What if you just have small jobs every now and then? Well, then it’s possible that you would be fine with a less expensive model like a Rockwell or Bosch.Known uses for multimaster tools and a sonic saw:

  • Sanding between rails on a baby’s crib
  • Digging out thinset from old tile job
  • Cutting off nail points in the attic
  • Cut through a one-inch tree root in the yard
  • Repairing various collectible and antique items
  • Cut wall outlet plugs in beadboard
  • Sanded rusted metal parts
  • Cut bottom of door trim to install flooring
  • Sawing 2x4s in half
  • Trimming carpet
  • Trimming wood shims