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White Stone Countertop Types: The Good and the Bad

White Stone Countertop Types: The Good and the Bad

Be careful when choosing your countertop material. Cracked, faded, and stained countertops can look so unappealing, they take away from the beautiful appearance you’re after.

However, you can avoid all these by choosing the right material for your precious white stone countertop. 

Countertops are featured elements of bathroom and kitchen decor.

They’re the first things people notice when they walk into the room, therefore, you have to get them right.

A white stone countertop is timeless when it comes to decor.

Not only do they go well with just about any furniture, cabinet, and appliance, but they also give your kitchen a modern sophisticated look. 

Of more importance than color, is your countertop’s material- Natural stone is the best material for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

They’re durable, stain and scratch-resistant, plus they have a natural exotic appearance that “wows” on the first look. 

Read on to discover more on the best white stone countertops for your kitchen and bathroom.

1. Granite Countertop

countertop with light quartz

Without a doubt the most popular countertops. 

Granite white stone countertops are gorgeous. They’re even capable of lighting entire rooms.

These countertops go well with dark-colored cabinets, furniture, and appliances since they’re able to give a perfect dark-white contrast. 

Many people are into this material because of its durability.

Granite countertops are tough and hard enough to resist cracks and chippings.

It’s a good choice for busy everyday kitchens and you’re also assured that your countertop will not fade.

They are also heat resistant- No burn marks.

Their price is their biggest advantage. Granite countertops are affordable at around $40-$60 per square foot. 

Problems with Granite?

Granite countertops are high maintenance.

Unlike quartz countertops, they’re porous and easily absorb split drinks which makes them hard to clean.

They also need to be sealed at least once every 1-2 years.

2. Quartz White Stone Countertop

kitchen with white quartz countertop and backsplash

The most underrated countertop in the market. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at any major warehouse collection (It’s like quartz heaven!).

These countertops could be the missing puzzle-pieces to your perfect kitchen. They come in so many patterns and designs. 

White quartz countertops are low maintenance.

Unlike granite, you’ll never have to seal your countertop!

It’s also durable and scratch-proof because of its tough nature. No cracks. No chippings.

You can comfortably show off your kitchen to anyone at any time. 

It’s stain-resistant. This is mostly because of its non-porous feature.

Quartz doesn’t stain easily or absorb spilled drinks, thus is easier to clean. Don’t scrub, just wipe away your problems. 

It’s an anti-bacterial material because of its non-absorbent feature.

It doesn’t absorb chemicals and foods that lead to bacterial build-up. No fishy smells and moss in your kitchen!

Have you seen the patterns and colors available? Quartz countertops come in various shades and designs.

You can opt for the simple minimalistic approach or a grand mystic look… It’s your pick.

Disadvantages with White Quartz Countertops?

Quartz is an investment… A worthy one if you ask us.

The price tag might be a bit higher than the rest, but it’s still worth it.

3. Marble Countertop: The King of White Stone Counters

white marble stone countertop

It’s up there with granite on the popularity list. 

Not only does it have a timeless appeal, but it also gives your kitchen a luxurious look.

Marble countertops are unique. Apart from their dazzling looks, they also have a cool and calming touch.

It feels good to rest your hands on one of these countertops.

Marble is a tough but soft material that is resistant to cracks.

Its luminous looks and premium feel might scare you, but it’s actually one of the most affordable high-end countertops.

Of course, the prices vary with each grade of marble and design. Its price range is $40-$100 per square foot

Any issues?

Just like granite, marble is a porous material that absorbs spills.

This can result in tough stains or bacteria-infested countertops.

You’ll have to frequently seal them to maintain their quality. 

4. Travertine Countertop

Not as popular as the other countertops, but definitely worth mentioning. 

Travertine slightly resembles marble since they’re both related to limestone.

It has a smooth creamy look similar to that of tiles.

Naturally, travertine has small holes on its surface that are sealed before the countertop is installed. 

Travertine can make a good white stone countertop for those who prefer tile-like designs. 

These countertops are insanely affordable at a price range of $11-$35 per square foot

They’re also very durable. Did you know travertine was used in the construction of the Roman Coliseum?

The Flip-side of Travertine?

Unfortunately, Travertine is a very porous material that absorbs a lot of water and other fluids. This can be an issue when you’re talking about a white stone countertop.

It’s also highly reactive to acids and bases. A small spill of orange juice is enough to etch its surface.

-You’ll also have to frequently seal it to maintain its quality.

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