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Types of Sheds: Expert Advice on How to Choose One

Types of Sheds: Expert Advice on How to Choose One

When you are planning to buy a garden shed, many neighbors or friends would suggest you go for the cheaper option.

It is often the misconception among households, buying a cheap garden building is enough, but in return, you would end up having it replaced or spend an amount of money for its maintenance to make it look good.

Many experts believe that when you are choosing a garden shed, go for a shed that is made up of high-quality materials because it is a good kind of investment for you and your house.

So whether you are buying them to store your garden tools and furniture, a garden she should be a staple in every home.

As a consumer, you value every money you spend. You want to spend your money on something good and useful.

Same goes when you are looking for a garden shed, you need to look for something that is designed for a purpose, easy to maintain, and that will last for many years. 

Here are some tips from experts that can help you make the best decision when looking for a shed for your garden.

Check Everything


When choosing a shed, you need to consider everything. In some countries, you need to get permission in planning a shed, but most of the time, you don’t need to acquire any permission from your local government.

Make sure that your garden shed is built on a solid foundation. If you have a smaller building, paving slabs is accepted as an alternative for having a good base.

Always keep in mind that whenever you are planning to build or construct near a boundary, it is always best to show courtesy to your neighbor during your planning stage. To avoid any complaints. 


One tip that many experts suggest for people who are having a hard time choosing the best shed for them is to check the components of the shed. Namely the windows, doors, and the roof.

For windows, toughened glass is good and most likely not easy to break. If at some point it breaks it will break safely.

You should also consider if you want the ability to open your windows, especially during summer seasons. For your shed’s door, choose the one that suits your needs. A popular option among many is the glazed doors. 

It always attracts customers as well as it gives a desirable taste. Lastly, is the roof. Make sure the shed that you choose has a sturdy and heavy-duty feel.

Always check if the roof is deteriorating.

If it does, it is a sign of lousy construction. You may also go for a green sedum roof. Not only is it good for the eyes and your overall design, but also promotes sustainability.


Once you are done planning, the next step you need to do is to think about where you want to put your shed.

For you to have easy access, make sure that your shed has at least three to four feet space available outside your shed so that there is no hindrance limiting your entrance.

Experts suggest, to put your shed near a fence or a tall building to serve as a protection from bad elements. By doing so, you are maintaining the durability of your shed. 

Types of Sheds

If you are choosing a shed for your house, you should know that there are different types of sheds available.

Wood Sheds


This type of shed is a widely popular option for people living in the United Kingdom, as these wooden sheds come with different shapes and sizes.

According to some experts, there are wood crafts like Cedar and Pine that are rot-resistant.

However, the price slightly increases because of its features. One benefit of having a wooden shed is its versatility. You can have it personalized, altered, and, most importantly, it is easy to add.

Metal Sheds


This type of shed is usually made up of aluminum or steel. It is considered as a cheaper option for individuals as it has some thin panels that can be a bit flimsy.

There are also expensive metals sheds. They are sturdy, more secure, not prone to any rust, and it’s durable. However, this kind of shed has a downside.

When the temperature is high, so is this shed. Making them a poor choice for gardeners and home offices. 

Plastic Sheds


Choosing a plastic shed is perfect if you have a garden and want to move it anywhere it fits. This type of shed is easy to assemble and durable.

However, be mindful that this type of shed is not helpful when there are storms. Choose a plastic shed that has an anchor to the floor to make it sturdy during floods. 

Lean-to Shed

Having a lean-to shed is a good buy for people who have a problem with storage. This type of shed leans against a solid foundation that gives household owners space.

A lean-to shed could be ideal for you. As experts suggest, it is practical and cost-effective in terms of storing your items.

They also recommend it for people who want to cultivate plants during the winter season as it comes with polycarbonate glaze, which helps in enhancing the temperature to keep the plants growing. 


When choosing for a shed, it is also vital to consider the color of the shed you are eyeing to purchase. Experts believe that the paint finish of the shed is one of the most noticeable features of the shed’s overall design.

Ensure that whatever type of shed you are choosing is that it complements the style you have imposed in your garden. Keep in mind that when a shed has a high-quality paint finish, it changes the way you clean your shed. It reduces the need for any further maintenance.

Once you have a shed, make sure that it is treated with preservatives to protect it from any woodworm and fungi. 


Sheds are most often used for storing items and garden tools that can be eye-catching to thieves and bad people, especially if it looks expensive and lacks proper security measures. Make sure that your shed has appropriate security features. According to experts, look for a shed that has security bars and an anti-pick lock to protect you from any harm.

These are some of the things that can help you choose the best shed for you. Remember to not just go with the price, but choose quality above all. As long as you have a good and nicely built shed, your storage and garden needs are well maintained.

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