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Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Bed (and Sleep without Feeling Grossed out!)

Get Rid of Silverfish in Your Bed (and Sleep without Feeling Grossed out!)

Don’t be fooled by the name. Silverfish are clearly not fish, and if you happen to find silverfish in bed regularly, you are up to a big challenge.

Nobody wants to deal with creepy-crawlies in their bed, certainly not silverfish.

But first, why are they called silverfish?

These high-volume nuisance insects are named after their silver bodies and their very fish-like movement as they move back and forth and side to side.

And given their high production rate, consistent sightings of these insects in your home means that there might already be an infestation happening.

They are not bold insects and are hard to notice, so finding them can get tricky.

You don’t want these unwanted insects sharing your home, especially your bed.

So if you’re suspecting a possible silverfish infestation, in this article, you’ll find foolproof ways to stop the ongoing infestation and have a silverfish-free bedroom and home once and for all.

Reasons Why Silverfish Like Your Bed

why silverfish likes your bed

Your house and your bed, in particular, makes for the perfect home for these pesky tiny insects.

And when the climate is favorable, one female silverfish can reproduce up to sixty eggs at a time.

Yes, you read that right.

That is why getting rid of them becomes a top priority.

You should also know, these insects are not too fond of relocating. Once they find a place they can thrive in, they would settle in these areas and congregate.

Silverfish of all ages, especially nymphs, love moist areas, so be careful not to make your bedroom too welcoming for them.

Here are some of the major reasons why silverfish are fond of your bed:

Everyday Buffet

Did you know you could unknowingly be serving up a buffet for these insects in your bed?

Food attracts silverfish the most, and your bed can provide them with unending meals since these insects can practically turn anything into their meals.

They love carbohydrates and starch and can also survive on proteins.

When outdoors, they typically get their meals from plant-based carbohydrates and starch from grass, decaying plant elements, leaves, and practically anything in their surroundings.

Indoors, they can gorge on leftover human and pet food, sugar, cereals, and flour.

And when they settle in your bedroom — specifically on your bed — they experience a hearty feast.

I’ve been guilty of snacking in bed (don’t judge me, I know you’ve done it too!), and who knows how many crumbs have been dropped and wedged down around my mattress!

Silverfish also love eating fabrics, and your bed is almost an all-fabric fixture.

The mattress, comforter, pillow, pillowcases can effectively sustain these insects.

Organic residue like dead skin is also a delicious treat for them. Gross, I know.

closeup silverfish bedroom

Ideal Environment

Little do you know, your bed is one of the best environments for these pesky little creatures.

If the airflow under your bed is poor and your entire room is not well-ventilated, it can increase the amount of moisture in your mattress.

Silverfish love damp places, so your bed would offer the perfect ecosystem for them.

Combined with your body’s heat and the temperature of your room plus the dark spaces in between bedsprings and cushions, silverfish can populate in no time using your bed as a breeding ground.

Perfect Hiding Spots

The places in between your mattress and bed frame and even within your mattress itself make impeccable hiding spots for these insects.

Now, let’s admit it — we don’t generally clean, wash, or even turn our mattresses as frequently as we should.

Because of this, they are a more than suitable environment for silverfish to lay their eggs and settle in.

They are left undisturbed most of the time, and when the lights go out at night, they crawl out from their hiding spots to go looking for their next meal.

Getting Rid of Silverfish in Bedroom

There are many strategies you can try to get rid of silverfish from your home and bed.

What you need to remember is that their survival depends on a dirty environment, darkness, moisture, and sustenance.

These pests are also immune to most bug poisons sold commercially.

Worst part?

They can survive without water and food for an entire year.

However, once you know their weaknesses, you can take the necessary steps to eliminate them completely.

So, let’s get started with some of the most effective ways to rid silverfish in the bedroom.

#1. Do a Deep Cleaning

deep cleaning

This one’s to be expected. Silverfish can live on dust if they can’t find better food sources.

So it’s better to not even give them this opportunity.

Your house doesn’t have to be spotless, but there certainly should not be dust and moisture built up, especially inside your bedroom.

Change your linens and pillowcases and air your pillows at least once a month.

You can also clean your mattress using household cupboard ingredients like vinegar and baking soda.

Even stains that seep through your bedroom fabrics like carpets and comforters can be their food supplies.

Vacuum your carpeted floor about once a week to get rid of these insects.

Silverfish are not fond of clean areas, which means cleaning should be your go-to weapon to eliminate any and all insects including silverfish.

Clean walls, especially behind furniture as well as your ceiling. We’ve even seen cases of bed bugs on a ceiling in the bedroom, so it never hurts to get things clean from top to bottom.

#2. Dehumidify Your Bedroom

dehumidifier your room regularly

If you’re like me and live in an area with a dry climate, you love your humidifier!

But with these critters, ensuring that your bedroom doesn’t retain excessive moisture is an effective tool.

Silverfish love humid places, so make sure you have enough air ventilation in your room.

Open your windows every chance you get or turn on your air conditioning to help avoid your room from getting too damp.

You can also use a dehumidifier to reduce the moisture in your air.

Also, be careful about keeping damp fabrics in your room.

Don’t leave your used clothes or wet towels lying around or hanging on your wall.

If this insect is going to crawl into your clothes and other Items, you don’t want to make it easy for them!

#5. Bait and Kill!

If you want to “fight” back more aggressively (but safely) you can grab some silverfish packs.

These are small paper wafers about the size of a matchbook and content little crevices that silverfish will love. 

Once inside, they’ll be attracted to the dried glue that contains small amounts of boric acid. This is lethal to them, and they’ll die quickly!

Simply place under your bed, under your mattress and in other areas such as as closets, corners and even in the attic just above your bed if possible.

Try one box to start and watch your unwanted infestation disappear within a couple of weeks.


Sliverfish bait


#4. Get Professional Help

If the thought of dealing with these insects gives you the heebie-jeebies, just get a professional to do it for you!

Hiring a professional pest control company can make all the difference in removing silverfish in your bedroom and the rest of your property.

Pest control professionals have the right resources and tools to administer the needed pesticides with the least risk to you and your family.

They will also be able to identify the entry points that these insects are using and seal them accordingly.

I’ve used exterminators in the past, but it’s been hit and miss on how well they do, if I hired them blindly.

One way to connect with a qualified and highly regarded local pro is to use a referral system like Networx (this is what I use now!).

Networx is like “word of mouth” central as they pre-screen and approve capable and trusting exterminators who can contact you right away.

If you’re done with seeing silverfish where you sleep and are ready to get someone with experience on it, get a local quote now (it’s free), and get these nasty critters out of your room for good!

Simple DIY Ways to Get Rid of Silverfish

deterrent spray for bedroom

It never hurts to try home remedies to make sure you completely get rid of silverfish from your bedroom:

Natural Oils Can Help

Use cedar oil in a diffuser or pour a cedar oil and water mix in a spray bottle and spray in and around your bedroom. Silverfish hate the strong-smelling pheromones of this tree.

You can also use lavender, citrus, and other essential oils that have an overwhelming aroma.

Place cinnamon sticks in your room. Yes, cinnamon is not as overpowering on the nose as cedar, but silverfish cannot tolerate the smell of this spice. 4Alternatively, you can also create sachets of cinnamon powder and place them under your bed.

Apply Boric Acid

Sprinkle boric acid if you know where these insects stay during the day.

You can also put boric acid in a spray bottle and directly spray it into the cracks and crevices in your bedroom — a possible hideout of silverfish.

This will even help get rid of other unwanted guests, such as millipedes who live in your house.

D.E. Powder to the Rescue

Dissolve the silverfish’s coating by sprinkling diatomaceous earth on areas they frequent.

Remember how moisture plays a vital role in this insect’s survival?

When diatomaceous earth comes in contact with the waxy outer coating of the insect, it causes the coating to melt and the silverfish lose the moisture they need and eventually die.

Grab a bag of this potent but all-natural remedy right here on Amazon!

Use DIY Traps

Set up DIY traps in your room by using everyday materials that you already have at home.

Silverfish are entirely predictable, and trapping them is relatively easy but can take a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I only see silverfish at night?

It’s not because they’re “silver.”

These insects are nocturnal creatures that prefer to be in dark places when the sun is out.

Even when they go out during the night to look for food, they are stealthy and quick to run and hide.

Additionally, silverfish have compound eyes, making them sensitive to light. That is why they often only come out during the night.

Does seeing one silverfish mean an infestation?

No, but you don’t have to wait for them to reproduce and start living in your walls.

One silverfish is enough for you to take action.

If you regularly see one or two of these insects in the same places and see holes on your clothes and even on your books, it means a silverfish invasion is happening or has already happened.

Why would a silverfish be in my bed?

Your bed is an ideal breeding ground for silverfish. They thrive in humid and moist environments.

And as we’ve discussed earlier, our body heat and the temperature in the bedroom can create an ideal setting for them.

Can silverfish climb up beds?

Silverfish cannot directly climb up your bed.

But they can climb walls, and if your bed is placed directly against the wall, they can easily crawl into your bed.

Feel Relaxed in Your Own Bed Again!

Finding silverfish in bed can often be alarming, not to mention in your bathroom or kitchen areas.

While they are not dangerous to your health, they can pretty much destroy your mattress, bedsheets, and pillows.

Don’t let their unwelcome stay in your bedroom go on for too long.

If you’ve already spotted a silverfish in your bedroom, try out one or two (or all) of the recommended solutions to avoid a full-blown infestation.

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Saturday 22nd of April 2023

This is helpful buttt its 4am for me. I just found a baby silverfish at the end of my bed, i immediately killed it and lit a incense because i find smoke usually detours bugs + its citrus scented. But since it was a baby there DEFFENETLY is some sort of infestation so i gotta talk to my mom about it in the morning.


Sunday 18th of December 2022

So can silverfish actually live in a humans body and traveled throughout it if so, please send pictures and a fax on a human body. Like weight loss, scars, open wounds.

Deb Bartsch

Thursday 12th of May 2022

Appreciate your comments and suggestions about Silverfish! Hate them! A few in my bathroom but tonight 1 in my bedroom! I’ve been leaving munchies on the carpet for my cat!