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Countershink means to bore a tapered recess (usually with a drill bit), that will allow a screw or nail head to sit flush with the plane of the surface, or just below. Countersinking also generally means dropping a nail, screw or bolt at or below the surface of the material it’s going into.  The word countersink may also refer to the actual tool that is doing the boring and creating the countersink.

  • You can purchase countersink bits in sets, which cost less and give you versatility depending on your project
  • Countersink tools can also be used to deburr already drilled holes to remove
  • A fluted countersink bit will give a much steeper taper into the hole that is being made to countersink a screw-head
  • Countersink bits can come in a range of angle sizes, from Countersink 60″ to 120°

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