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7 Warning Signs of Possible Infestations on Your Property

mouse infestation

In 2017, the city of Chicago took the title of the “rat capital” from New York with the highest number of rat complaints in the whole of the United States.

That’s after the city registered more than 50,963 rat complaints for the year.

Rats and other pests can be a huge menace to your peace and property whenever they infest your home.

Worried that you may have infestations on your property or in your home?

Here are the common signs you have a pest infestation in your home: 

1. Dead Bugs and Rodents

Signs of cockroach infestation

Dead bugs in basements and the ledges of windows is a sign that the bugs have a nest either on or near your property.

The same goes for dead rodents.

I know it’s not what you want to hear but even if these critters are dead, it’s time to do something about the possible live ones that are hiding where you can’t see them.

2. Nests

rat infestation signs

You can establish pest infestations by the presence of nests in the home.

Mice and rats often make nests in hidden areas such as behind cabinets, above the ceiling board, and in ventilation vents.

If you come across shredded materials clumped together in a hidden corner of your house, those are pests.

One place you’re sure to find these telling signs in above your head – check your attic for rats and insects.

An attic spider may seem harmless, but it’s best to address these guys if you see more than a couple.

3. Weird Sounds and Smells

Professionals suggest that having uncommonly smells and sounds in your house is a sign of pests even when you can’t see them.

Bed bugs, cockroaches, rats, mice, and other pests all have their unique smells.

Bigger insects and rodents have their unique sounds as well.

It’s not uncommon to hear mice in your ceiling. Trust me, you don’t want them living there or just assume they’re move out anytime soon.

4. Tracks and Marks

signs of ant infestation

Both insects and rodents tend to follow the same routes over time.

As such, you can tell the path used by ants, rats or roaches through greasy lines and areas on walls and floors.

If you see any of these, follow the tracks to find the pests’ nests.

5. Actual Pests

At times, you don’t need to look for signs since the pests themselves will show up.

Even without looking, you may stumble upon a rat carrying food to its nest, roaches crawling around, or crickets chirping loudly in places like the basement.

For most kinds of pests, including fleas, their population may be quite high before you can see them in the open.

6. Pest Droppings

droppings are a sign of infestation

Pest droppings and egg cases are easily the easiest signs of their presence in your home.

This is especially true for rodents and cockroaches which have visible droppings and eggs respectively.

Bed bugs also lay small but visible eggs owing to their high number.

You’ll find traces of this in and around your bed, and may even find bed bugs attached to your ceiling in severe cases!

7. Ask Around

termite infestation

If you’ve seen any of the signs above or are just in suspicion of pests around your house, asking your neighbors can be a good starting point.

Chances are high that the pests in your house may have moved from your next door neighbor’s house.

Asking the previous occupant of your house will also give you a clue on what to expect when it comes to pests.

These signs will help you establish the presence of pests so you can decide on your next cause of action.

Learn More About Pest Infestations

Beyond these signs, you should learn more about what pest infestations mean to your home and ways of eliminating them.

Some pests pose a threat to your health.

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