Types of siding

The first impression does matter. Especially when it comes to your house. the exterior of your house, from the picket fence to the front yard to the doors, windows, and walls. These are the parts of your house that you will first come into contact with every day as you come back from your daily activities.

And so will your visitors and passersby.

One of the important aspects to consider is the type of siding for your home. This is a layer that is added onto the walls of the house for a number of reasons.

Could be for enhancing the beauty of the house, to added insulation for winter, protecting the walls from harsh climatic conditions or simply just to change the appearance of your home.

Making a decision on the type of siding to use, like many other aspects of your house, is not an easy one. We can, however, try to help by showing you a few of the emerging siding trends in the housing sector.

Here are a few popular ones.


Using wood siding on house

We have used wood for siding for the longest time compared to other types. Since we started constructing shelters, we used wood.

Today, wood is still very widely used. It brings out a more natural look to your house. It is especially preferred in areas that do not contain a lot of unnatural structures. Forest cabins, lake houses, tree houses and such.

Wood is also used in modern houses but in a different style of course. Examples of wood siding include shingles, wooden sheets, clapboards, and batten.

Though it is aesthetically pleasing, wood comes with its maintenance costs. Pests such as termites prey on wood, thus, forcing you as the homeowner to invest in pesticides. Wood is also costly to purchase.


Concrete siding on a house

Famous for its strength and durability, concrete is a very popular choice among homes all around the world. With a very minimalist look, it gives the house a simple yet very appealing look if used properly.

Builders use it together with other materials such as wood to add vigor to the general appearance of the house.

Concrete is however fairly expensive when buying an installing. This depends on factors such as the size of the property and how you plan on the concrete for design.


Glass is famous for the way it gives a luxurious look to a home. When used on the exterior, it definitely forces one to stop and stare.it is however not used in the same way as other types, it is more of a wall than a siding.

A lot of people prefer glass because of its ability to Chanel light towards the interior of the building.

Glass is, however, brittle material and you have to reinforce it to make it durable. It also comes with the extra burden of window cleaning which a lot of builders do not think about when making this decision.

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement, when used as siding, gives the house the look of a wooden interior. Many prefer it for its ability to withstand the harshest of climatic conditions. It also helps when selling the house as it tends to fetch the better resale value.

Fiber cement is made by mixing clay, cement, sand and wood pulp in the right proportions. It has also built a name for itself by coming with low costs of maintenance.

It is also very heavy to handle and requires special tools for installation thus accelerating building costs and hindering the do it yourself culture.


Brick is made by firing clay until it hardens. There are however many methods of manufacturing it. The method used determines the size and texture of the brick. It gives the building a more earthly, natural look.

A lot of builders use brick together with wood and mortar to hold the two together. Compared to other types of siding, brick is fairly cheaper.

However, because of its poor cohesive properties, brick allows water to seep through its cracks and therefore one has to use it with a membrane to protect the interior of the house from damage.

It is also known to crumble easily during earthquakes and tornadoes, unlike concrete.


vinyl is one of the most popular siding choices today. This is due to its relatively low cost of purchasing, installation, and maintenance.

It also comes in a variety of colors and shapes, therefore, giving the owner a feeling of being unique.

The fact that it does not require special tools for installation brings the costs down and even gives one the option of doing it themselves.

Vinyl siding jobs are however best left to the professionals for quality workmanship.


Known for its toughness and durability, metal is a definite candidate in the popularity contest. Metal is fire resistant giving it a big plus.

Though it might be difficult and expensive to change its shape, it gives you the option of changing its color simply by repainting it.

Using metal does come with challenges such as dealing with rust and denting when affected by hail. Metal is also a very poor retainer of heat which is regrettable during winter.


Stone siding on a house

Stone exteriors come in varieties such as granite and flagstone. they give the house an exquisite look. Builders mold the stones into whatever shape the owner wants thus providing a whole new platform for creativity.

Their ability to allow the builder to personalize their look gives a more intimate feeling to the owner. This aspect has made its popularity grow over time.

Stone is however quite expensive to purchase and install as it needs professionals and specialized tools. Its durability is unquestionable therefore compensating for its initial costs.

Choosing the Type of Siding for Your House Requires Some Level of Expert Involvement

Quality workmanship will not only ensure the perfect look for your house, but it will also guarantee that the materials used last as long as they should.

Though many other types of siding such as stucco are available, these are by far the most popular ones today.