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As a homeowner, you're constantly on the lookout for home repair tips and tricks to help you tackle your special needs as someone caring for the house and property.

Everything from cleaning, fixing, improving, maintaining, you name it, if there is a tip to make things go more smoothly and save you money you want to know it.

Of course, a complete library of tips for homeowners would probably fill an actual library.

From time to time, HomeRepairGeek will come across a great solution or special trick that warrants a place in any home repair tip collection. Tips will be added here as they become uncovered.

Tips in this section will be broad but will at the same time, will be limited to a range of topics within home repair, improvement, upkeep and general problem solving.

Tips will include anything from a special product that stands out for its superior performance at what it does along with it's value, and in many cases, (and just as importantly) how accepted it is by DIY homeowners just like you.

Popularity of a product says a lot about how well it works and other characteristics that would be important to homeowners. Other tips may just be about a method or process, tricks of the trade so to speak.

Why reinvent the wheel if someone already has; and has figured out how to keep it going and make it least, how to clean it, how to get the most out of it and maybe even how to make it work better.

Enjoy checking out these home repair tips. Check back often, as the list will continue to grow; again, only great tips will be added. A great tip is nothing more than one that is most helpful to the most people!