Why Titanium Is a Great Option for Home Repair and Design

With people spending evermore time at home this year, the news from CNBC that home repairs and renovations are booming comes as no surprise.

Innovation in home design has evolved rapidly over the last few years, and popular improvements include smart home integration, as well as design upgrades with modern materials such as titanium.

If you’re thinking about making some structural or aesthetic changes to your own home, here’s why titanium is a great material for a whole range of home repair projects.

Why use titanium?

Many industries have been designing with titanium for years, due to the anti-corrosive properties and excellent strength it offers – the automobile industry, for example, uses Grade 1 titanium plate in car frames because it has a good level of formability and high impact toughness, in comparison to other grades.

The levels of purity, ductility, strength and weldability of titanium dictate the grade given to different types, as well as its cost, and what it can best be used for.

In respect of home design, Grade 5 titanium is a popular option as it can be heat treated, offering increased strength whilst still retaining a light weight in comparison to other metals such as steel.

What’s more, titanium is pretty! As a currently relatively unknown material for facades, it is increasing in popularity – not just because it can be used to create beautiful roofs, exposed beams, and many other structural design features, but also because it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion compared to copper or stainless steel, meaning it is as stable as glass and concrete when exposed to heat.

Grade 5 architectural titanium can also be colored and brushed, buffed or textured to give a variety of different finishes, from matte to high polished mirror.

Choosing a titanium alloy

man installing house roof rain gutter system

Grade 5 titanium is also known as Ti 6AI-4V, and accounts for around 50% of all titanium usage across the world.

In welded construction, such as structural beams, it can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, imposing less burden on surrounding materials due to its relatively light weight whilst offering ease of fabrication and excellent earthquake resistance too.

Grade 5 titanium is extremely durable too, and has a high level of shock resistance: a home designed and repaired with titanium is one that’s built to last.

Versatility in design

Whilst you’ll often find titanium alloys used for structural or major design features, its applicability doesn’t end there.

Polished or brushed titanium can provide stunning decorative finishes and add accents to other home design elements, and can even be used to create impressive sculptures in all colors of the rainbow using a process of anodization.

Even better, titanium is an eco-friendly product, being fully renewable and recyclable, making it a fantastic option for sustainable repair.

Whatever design work you’re carrying out in your home, titanium is a material that is well worth considering.

If you’re looking for excellent performance and sustainability, it’s a metal offering improvement to your home both structurally and aesthetically that you’ll be able to enjoy for many years to come.