TIG Welder: Probably the Greatest Tool You Can Have in Your Shop

If you’re into working with steel, aluminum, and titanium, then you must have heard of TIG welding.

It stands for Tungsten Inert Gas welding and it’s also known as Heliarc welding or Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW). You use this type of tool for welding two metals together using a uniquely designed torch.

The tungsten electrode used for this torch has an extremely high melting point, but it doesn’t melt at all. This makes it a non-consumable electrode, making the TIG welding process quite appealing for different shops.

Read on to read more about the TIG welder and why it’s an amazing tool to own.

Learning How to Make Art

Welding is an art and you should learn how to do it properly.

If you’re welding metal constantly, then you’re probably cutting a lot of metal as well. If you’re a beginner, then you should always learn more about plasma cutting and TIG welding because both methods go well together when you’re working with metal.

Just understand that if you’re repairing or refurbishing something, you will need different pieces of metal that you will cut in the right shape so you can weld it properly.

Some people do amazing work by combining both methods, but the work cannot be done correctly if you aren’t using a decent TIG welder torch to give you minimal splatter during the process.

Choosing the Right TIG Welder

You should realize that choosing the best TIG welder depends on your skill level and experience.

However, some of the best welders believe that almost every TIG welding machine and torch allows you to do professional work and the best ones can be beginner-friendly too. If you’re out shopping for a list of tools for binding metal and aluminum slabs, then you should always research and ask around about the welding machine’s capabilities and features.

Try to find a model that is easy to use, has good AC balance control, can give you a strong frequency start, and has adjustable features with control options. This is how you can differentiate between an expensive welding machine with minimal features and an affordable one that is worth every penny spent on it.

How Does the Process Work?

The welding process for a Tungsten Inert Gas welder is unique and you need to understand it fully before you start welding. Just remember, it is not similar to how a plasma cutter works because that process uses plasma to make precision cuts on a single slab or sheet of metal.

A TIG welding torch, on the other hand, uses shielding gases to help you melt the base metal of the two pieces that you want to combine.

The immense heat is generated by the electric arc and that is formed between the base metal and the Tungsten electrode. The welding machine has a foot pedal to give you control over the amount of heat you need.

Also, some torch models have a thumbwheel that gives you control too. The amazing perk of TIG welders is that you don’t need filler metal for most welds.

You have the choice of using filler metal or not depending on your needs.

How Do I Hold the TIG Torch?

Many beginners tend to ask about the right way to hold their TIG torch and this is a very important question. Unlike your plasma cutter where you have to hold it with a tight grip of your hand to cut correctly and stay safe, Tungsten torches shouldn’t be held this way.

You should hold your torch as if it’s a pencil. The reason behind this is that it gives you more room for manipulating your welding process.

It gives you more control for better motion and turning left or right as you weld. You might need this freedom to twist and turn in tight places to make sure your welding process has an excellent finish.

The Tungsten Inert Gas Welder Accessories

Every Tungsten Inert Gas welder has accessories that can make your welding process easier and much more convenient. Once you learn how to use your TIG welder and plasma cutter, you can think about the extras that can make the process enjoyable and easy.

You must make sure to get the right accessories for your hand-held plasma cutter and your TIG welder. The benefits are too good to pass, and you need to cut or weld efficiently for better results.

You will need a remote control for more options and convenience, several different collet bodies with different measurements for the welding process, several TIG nozzles to replace the ones that are worn down, and an accessories kit to neatly carry and store all of your TIG welder’s accessories.

Is The Welding Processes Irreversible?


Many beginners wonder if the TIG welding process is irreversible or not. Mistakes can happen randomly, and even though the common mistakes of TIG welding are frequent, they can be fixed and amended.

Fortunately, you have ways where you can fix it. You might have been mistakenly too slow or too fast with your speed while welding. You could be positioning your torch with a wrong angle, making it too steep and that could create cavities in the welded metal.

This is called welding porosity and you should try and avoid that by positioning your torch correctly. Also, you might have the wrong arc length which is too long for the welding process, making it longer and the quality of the finish would be poor.

Whichever mistakes you make; you can reverse them because welding the metals again properly will fix your previous work.

The benefits of using a TIG welder can convince you to get one of these torches. TIG welders can help you combine/bind different metals together, gives you high-quality finishes, and it gives you minimal splatter when you weld with it.

You can get exceptional control of the root penetration passing on the metal while welding. Even though the process is limited when it comes to automation, having a tool that gives you the power of control is the reason behind the high-quality and superior welding results.

Just remember to practice enough and be safe while welding.