Top 4 Things to Check Before Renting a Property

There are plenty of things to check before renting an apartment, flat, house, or other rental property.

You might consider the location of the apartment and which amenities are close, like grocery shops, schools, hospitals, transportation, etc.

But you must also carefully inspect the property itself.

Before you sign a lease, the landlord of the rental property is supposed to show you the property.

While you visit the rental property, you should carefully inspect the apartment and identify any damages and faults that should be fixed before you move in.

You can also document the condition of the rental property using a move-in rental inspection report. 

Therefore, you must check the following things and make a note of them to let your landlord know about the damages that were done by previous tenants and the things that need to be fixed before you move in. 

1. Inspect the Floors, Walls, and Carpets:

damaged wall floor

When you visit the rental property, the first thing you notice is typically the walls and the floor.

You must carefully look for small holes or art on the walls.

The floor should also be checked for cracks and scuffs on the hardwood floor.

However, you should make a note of the noticeable damages like large holes in the walls or permanent stains on the floor and walls.

Mention them in your inspection report so that the landlord may not charge you later for the damages you haven’t made.

In addition, you should also take pictures of the damages for your own record.

Your landlord should repair them before you move in. 

2. Check the Windows, Doors, and Lights:

Other important things you must check are the lights, light switches, and light fixtures.

Turn the lights on and off to see if they are working properly. Note down if any light fixture needs repair.

When you visit the property during the day, the natural light in the property may make the lighting system unnoticed and you may not consider checking the lights.

The bulbs and the switches should work properly and if there any bulb or switch is faulty, mention it to the landlord.

Also, check if the doors and windows supermarket, open and lock properly.

Identify any noticeable cracks in the doors and windows.

3. Check the HVAC System:

approved hvac system

Inspect the HVAC system of the apartment as it is necessary for you to live comfortably.

Check the thermostat of the rental property and see if the temperature it shows makes sense with what you feel the temperature should be.

If you feel that the apartment is cold and the thermostat displays a different temperature, you should ask you the landlord of the HVAC needs repair.

The heating, ventilation, and cooling system should be working optimally in the flats for rent so that the tenants may not face discomfort later. 

4. Inspect the Bathroom for Faucets and Drainage:

You may not consider flushing the toilet or turning on the taps in the bathroom as you walk through the rental property, especially if nothing seems visually wrong.

However, you must open the taps and flush the toilets to see if the faucets and the plumbing system are working the way they should be.

The obvious damages should also be noted, such as the missing handle on the faucet or cracks on the toilet.