Make a Splash: How to Host a Summertime Pool Party

pool party

If there’s one type of event that you can be sure will make your summer a hit – its a pool party.

Pool parties are the classic symbols of hot weather and cool vibes.

They are one of the perfect ways to spend a hot, summer day relaxing and having fun.

But it’s not just about gathering people in one spot around the pool.

If you’re looking to throw a successful party then you need to follow a few key steps.

Check out these tips on how to host a summertime pool party that everyone will enjoy.

Pick a Theme

luau theme

Throwing a summertime pool party is already a fun experience for everyone.

But one way to make it even better is to choose a cool theme for your guests to go along with. 

The theme doesn’t have to be extravagant (or it can be) but it should be something recognizable and interesting for your attendees, such as bohemian, Luau or 70s themes.

It can also help out with picking decorations that coordinate. 

Get creative with your themes to make your poolside bash a time to remember.

Choose a Menu

menu for pool party

Remember that old rule your parents used to tell you about not going swimming at a certain time after your last meal?

Well, now that you’re an adult you can learn it the hard way.

But you should still consider the fact the eating heavy foods and doing a few laps just don’t mix well together.

Create a menu that includes lighter food choices, including finger sandwiches, fruit trays and cheese and crackers.

Although pulling out the grill and barbecuing and lead to some full bellies, it is a much quicker way of getting your guests fed.

Just be sure to time the grilling correctly so everyone can enjoy their food and a swim.

Get Appropriate Decorations

cocktails near the pool

You won’t have to overdo the decorations at your party.

But, if you haven’t chosen a theme, it would be best to stick to decor that reminds people that they’re at a summertime pool party.

Try to incorporate bright, vibrant colors to match the hot weather.

Also go for some decor with patterns of classic summer symbols, such as flamingos, beaches, cold drinks, and stripes.

Bring Out the Tents

Along with the summer comes the sun- and it comes on strong.

Make sure you’ve provided your guests with a way to avoid overexposure by bringing out the tents for them to sit under.

Place tables and chairs under the tents to create a shaded setting area for anyone who is looking for shelter from the sunlight.

Be sure to anchor down your tents accordingly in case it gets a little too windy.

Setup Lounging Areas

getting tanned on lounging area

Now some people will definitely want to take some time to tan.

You can provide them with this space by setting up a lounging area at your summertime pool party.

If you have a pool deck, this would be the perfect space for people to catch some sun while feeling the relaxing sense of lying next to a pool.

If you’re thinking about building a deck to host some amazing parties then check out this link for ideas.

Buy Cool Inflatables

Gone are the days where you’d see someone floating across the pool in a regular donut-shaped tube.

Now you’ll catch everyone gliding across the water in style which is pretty much inflatables shaped like ice cream cones, giant pizzas, and even glittery unicorns.

And, yes these are for adults.

Bring some pizzazz to your pool by adding some super cool inflatables for party goers to relax on.

You should even consider buying a large one that can hold a few people at a time.

Make everyone feel like a kid again while having a great time.

Make a Playlist

dj in party

There have always been songs in history that are perfect summer anthems.

These are the tunes that make you feel like you’re already on a beach and enjoying life with your friends in some glorious weather.

You’ll definitely want to include these songs on your summertime pool party playlist.

When choosing the best music for your party you want to keep in mind that people want to feel good in the summer (and especially at a party).

Depending on your guest’s age range, you might want to incorporate songs from various decades and mix them all together.

If you’re having a really hard time finding good tracks you should consider hiring a professional DJ to make your party the greatest hit.

Provide Sunscreen

No one wants to party all day and come home sunburnt.

Although some of your guests will probably be traveling with their own sunscreen, be sure to provide them with some just in case.

You want to make this a time when they don’t have to worry about anything but fun in the sun.

So covering all the basics will help a lot.

You might even want to bring out other extras, such as towels, goggles, and sunglasses. 

Make it Child-Friendly

pool party with kids

This might not work for every summertime pool party you throw but if you are wanting to invite friends and family with children then make sure the environment is prepared for them.

Check for anything on the premises that may not be safe and have the deep end of the pool clearly marked off.

Keep a close eye on the little ones and include some family-friendly songs, snacks, and games for entertainment. 

Ready to Throw an Awesome Summertime Pool Party?

The weather breaking a clear indicator that its time to go out for a swim.

Start planning your summertime pool party as soon as it’s warm enough to go for a drip comfortably.

Try out the tips above to make your party a great time for anyone who attends.

Be sure to follow safety protocols to ensure guests of some stress-free fun.

For more guidance on getting your pool ready for a splash event, check out the pool and spa section of our blog on the site.