4 Useful Tips to Repair Plumbing Issues

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Maintaining a home or property in Los Angeles, CA is an activity that might be feared by most house owners. Homeowners are expected to spend nearly $17,000 per year to maintain their properties.

However, it is one essential aspect to keep our home in excellent condition. Plumbing is one home maintenance project that pertains to the repair, installation, and cleaning of water pipes and fixtures.

There are different plumbing issues that one can encounter. It can vary from simple problems wherein a DIY can suffice to complex matters that may require the service of the Best Quality Plumbing.

Although plumbing services are readily available in Los Angeles, with some even offering 24-hour service, it is still recommended to have basic knowledge of detecting and repairing common plumbing issues.

Recognising plumbing issues will enable you to act on the problem immediately, which can minimise the damage and prevent further destruction to your property.

To help in your quest, here are useful tips when repairing plumbing issues.

1. Have the Right Tools and Equipment

You may be reluctant at first, but once you have the right plumbing tools and the skills, you can tackle simple plumbing issues.

  • For clogs, a sink auger is required for sinks and drains, while a closet auger or a flange plunger is for the toilet.
  • For preventing leaks, a plumber’s tape or often called Teflon tape is necessary to be placed at the thread of pipe connections. Different sizes of faucet packing and rubber washers can also stop leaks from valves on sinks and radiators.
  • To easily remove and install pipe fittings, channel-type pliers, adjustable pipe wrench, faucet valve-seat wrench.
  • If you are working with copper pipes, a tubing cutter is needed to have clean, square cuts.

2. Replace Fixtures not Pipes

Replace worn down fixtures such as faucets, handles, or flaps and parts inside your toilet. Repairing these items is quite simple, which can be done by a beginner with the right tools and instructions.

However, when it comes to pipes and more prominent toilet fixtures, it is best left to experts. Pipes can be complicated, and some repairs may require specialised equipment and materials.

Trying to DIY complex plumbing issues may result in more extensive damage and expenses.

3. Choose Cleaners, Tools and Fixtures wisely

When removing clogs, it is advisable to use augers and plungers before opting for chemical cleaners. Invest in quality plungers and tools to maintain your plumbing system.

If the clogs are more extensive and require cleaners, research first and consider its contents. Enzyme-based and chemical cleaners are available, but it may be harmful to pipes of a particular make.

4. Do not Ignore Leaks

Perform regular maintenance and inspection of the plumbing system. If you find leakages attend to right away, no matter how small it is.

Try to tighten or adjust the fixture or apply Teflon tape to the pipe joints. If this simple fix is not enough, it is best to call a reliable plumbing service right away.

Never ignore leaks as this may result in a more severe problem, not to mention the rise in your water bill.

fixing water pipe

It is best to have a well-maintained plumbing system to avoid plumbing repairs. Minor issues can easily be repaired with the right skills and tools, but do remember that complex problems should be dealt with by the experts.

If you are from Los Angeles, routine maintenance should also be performed with a consultation with professional plumbing services.