4 Quick Solutions to Home Improvement Woes

If the sheer number of problems in your home is getting your down, don’t fret. There are often faster solutions to resolve difficulties when you know how.

Doing home improvement task

Here are four quick solutions for problems that plague homeowners.

Mold Removal

Mold can be visibly identified by its slimy or sometimes a fuzzy-like appearance over wood or areas that have been painted previously. Its color varies from green to black or even red too.

If you cannot see it but there’s a certain musty odor in a room, then that might be an indication of a problem. Air out the room to see if the smell returns again later.

Doing this will provide a clue that there may be a mold issue and it needs to be located and resolved.

It’s quite a complicated process for removing mold. Therefore, we suggest following the linked article to learn the exact process to follow.

It covers the options like pressure washing vinyl siding exteriors, scrubbing and cleaning affected places inside, and other practices to prevent its recurrence, in a useful level of detail.

Cleaning AC Units

While it’s sensible to get help from a professional with any servicing or mechanical issues, giving your AC unit a basic clean is never a bad idea.

Removing accumulated dust prevents it from potentially clogging up. Wipe each AC unit down with a microfiber cloth to make the exterior like new.

Be sure to replace the air filter every 30-60 days. If it hasn’t been done of late, secure a supply of the right filters and swap the old one out. Be sure to clean any debris away from the area once you’ve removed the filter, as it can be a messy task.

You might want to wear a simple face mask while doing so to avoid inhaling any dust. Better safe than sorry.

Leaky Kitchen Sink/Hose

When you find water spraying beneath the kitchen sink, you probably have a kitchen hose problem.

While you can try taping up the hose, we all know how that turns out. It will eventually spring a leak again. Then you’ll have a cleanup job below the sink where cleaning products are probably stored.

Instead of risking this situation, you’ll want to remove the hose and put a vinyl one in its place.

You’ll need a basin wrench and some Teflon tape that gets wrapped over the connecting nuts from the new hose to the boom part from the faucet.

This is a hose replacement task that you can do yourself once you’ve temporarily turned off the water supply.

Fix Squeaking Doors

Most squeaking doors have hinges that are playing up. They need a little bit of love to fix them, so they’re no longer announcing their presence every time someone opens or closes the door.

Use WD-40 to remove any grease first and let it get below the surface to work its magic.

It removes corrosion that’s built up, which could be creating the extra friction and the resulting noise. Everything should be right as rain after a couple of applications to free things up.

By tackling the smaller projects first, it avoids home repairs becoming overwhelming. Build up some momentum and you’ll knock the list of repairs out in no time.