Pros and Cons of Having a Solar Generator for Home Use

Are you wondering if a solar generator for home use would be a good idea?

Solar is not just for rooftops, and a generator would be handy as a backup source or for those camping and boating trips. 

Electrical power tends to go out when we least expect it, and having a backup generator is essential.

Even though there are many types of backup generators in the market, clean energy technology has developed to the point where you can have a portable backup generator that’s easier to start during emergency times. 

What is a Solar Generator?

solar panel

Solar energy generators for home use are alternative power sources that use energy from the sun to produce voltage.

Several solar devices, such as smart solar boxes, power station systems, and solar panels, fall in this category. 

Solar generators are comprised of solar panels, battery chargers, solar batteries, and charge inverters.

The solar panel is usually responsible for converting direct energy, which is then processed by the battery chargers.

The energy from the charger fuels the batteries and inverter converts that energy into AC power, making it usable for devices. 

Pros of a Solar Energy Generator

There are several benefits that come with using a solar energy generator for your home.

To begin with, the sun and light are free resources, and it makes sense to take advantage of free energy.

Let’s consider other advantages of getting a solar generator for home use. 

Zero Noise

Solar energy generators have no engines, which means they are super silent.

Generator engines can be terribly noisy, which happens with conventional gas or fuel generators.

Besides this, they don’t have moving parts either, which means they stay in place without shaking.

This eliminates any possibility of noise as well. 

If you’ll be experiencing any noise from your solar-powered generator, then it’s going to be a slight buzzing sound from the inverter, which is almost undetectable.

If you have been wanting a silent generator for your outdoor activities that will not bother the neighbors, a solar powered generator will be an excellent choice. 

Free Energy Supply

solar energy in remote spaces

With a solar energy generator, you’ll have access to an unlimited supply of energy that you can use anytime you desire.

This is a significant advantage for people who live in remote areas because, unlike gas or fuel, that may be hard to get, solar energy is available throughout. 

It also offers cost-related advantages given that it’s not subject to price fluctuations like fuel or gas.

Once you invest in all the solar generator equipment, your supply will be steady as long as you charge the batteries. 


Given that solar generators don’t come with engines, they are so much lighter compared to other types of generators.

A solar generator for home use will only come with the batteries, cutting out most of the weight.

Most models weigh as little as 25 pounds, and manufacturers are making them lighter by design. 


eco friendly solar generator

Solar power is hands down the most eco-friendly energy source you can have, and if you are looking to go green, this is a great way to start.

A solar generator will be more eco-friendly than any fossil fuel generator out there because these conventional generators release carbon dioxide and other gases that damage the environment. 

This means that both the input and out of a solar powered generator are completely clean.

You can use your solar energy generator in the building because without the harmful carbon fumes, you’ll be in no danger. 

Multiple Power Sources

multiple power sources

You may not know this, but solar energy is not the only way to power your solar energy generator.

Most of these equipment come designed with charging ports, and you can power them using your AC electrical outlet of the CIG port in your vehicle. 

Low Running Costs

Apart from the fact that you only have to recharge your generator, maintaining it will be quite easy.

Without any moving parts, you won’t be dealing with spare parts or replacements either.

Even though the initial investment is likely to be bigger, it’s worth it in the long run. 

The Cons of Solar Energy Generator For Home Use

Despite so many advantages, a solar energy generator has some disadvantages as well.

In several aspects, some people may prefer to have a conventional generator in their homes. Here are some of those drawbacks. 

Temperature Sensitivity

power station in a cooler space

It may sound ironic, but some solar energy generators are unable to withstand prolonged heat exposure.

This is to say that if you intend to use yourself in extremely hot climates, you must keep the power station in a cooler space while the panels are at maximum light exposure. 

Solar energy generators that feature the Battery Management System or BMS, which controls the temperature of the system, are much better for such climates. 

Inconsistent Supply

Even though solar panels do not necessarily rely on the sun to work, but rather on light, certain weather may limit how effective they are at drawing energy from that light.

Some places may only experience very minimal sunlight, and solar generators may not be as effective or efficient as desired. 

Big Size Required for Whole House Use

large solar energy for large home

Small-sized solar generators for home use are only strong enough for light use, but if you need to match the kind of power a conventional generator would give you, you need a large solar generator. 

Slow Charging

Most charging stations come with three different charging options, but all of them are essentially slow.

You may have to wait for up to 8 hours for a full charge, which means it’s not ideal for emergencies.

Unless you can always ensure it is charged or get solar panels that store energy.

Some generators allow use while still charging, but this slows down the charging time, and not all generators come with this feature. 

Verdict: Is a Solar Generator For Home Use a Good Option?

The most significant advantages of a solar generator for home use are the user and eco-friendliness.

The limitations lie in how much power they can store and inconsistent power supply. 

Still, you need to consider what you need one for and how often you intend to use it.

It can be the perfect travel companion if you like to camp, and it’ll be helpful if you use power tools away from your house. 

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