Plumbing Problems that Need Professional Services

You will run into plumbing problems every once in a while, and although some are easy to fix by yourself, other issues require expertise, and it would be in your best interest to accept that the problem has exceeded your scope.

The homeowner can resolve small issues such as replacing the drainage cover or changing a torn washer, but huge plumbing problems need experience.

Take note that repairing small matters could lead to greater problems. With this in mind, here are the plumbing problems that would need a plumber.

A Running Toilet


Running toilets can be the most frustrating plumbing problem that you could experience. Your bathroom is still operational, but it leaks water with an annoying sound, and you end up wasting water.

A running toilet is common in most homes, and it happens when the inner toilet workings are worn out, or they aren’t functioning correctly. The valve allows water to run if it doesn’t fit.

The problem can be a result of a leakage, a loose-fill tube, or an imbalanced float.

A running toilet is a complex issue, and experts at Plumber Phoenix AZ would advise anyone to find an expert-backed by decades of experience to sort the problem.

There is no need to risk an unlicensed plumber when you can get quality services from an expert.

Leakage in the Water Heater

If you notice a sudden change in your water bills or the cost of electricity, then the chances are high that your water heater has a leakage problem.

The problem arises from sediments that may clog the water heater and wear out with time.

Deposits can damage the water heater, and it would be in your best interest to get a professional plumber since you wouldn’t want to play with live wires.

Low Pressure in Taps

If you have a huge water reservoir and water trickles from the tap while it should be gushing, you have pressure issues.

The chances are high that the pressure problem arose from the water supply. There might be a leakage in the water supply system, or sediments and deposits might have accumulated on your faucet aerators.

An experienced plumber will help with the cleaning of showerheads and aerators to avoid electrical faults.

If there is a leakage problem, a licensed plumber will sort the issue without causing further damage.

Your Sink Drains Slowly

It’s a common problem in most households, and when you realize that water takes longer to clear from your sink, the chances are high that the pipes are clogged.

Kitchen sinks are prone to clogging issues since food crumbs get stuck on the pipes. If your bathroom sink has drainage issues, the chances are high that pieces of soap or hair clogged your pipes.

Licensed plumbers will know how to resolve the matter by opening the pipes and clearing the clog or pouring the right combination of vinegar and baking soda.

Installing Water Heaters

Water heaters are complicated, and you can save yourself the trouble by hiring a licensed plumber to help you with the process.

There are several risks involved in handling live wires, and you never know, you might damage the water heater when you fix it by yourself.

Bad Odor

In some cases, foul odor will emanate from your drainage system. It’s an indicator that you have a huge drainage problem that should be inspected by a professional.

There are chances that sediments have clogged your drainage, and the built-up content causes the foul smell. A licensed plumber will give you their expert assessment and resolve the matter.

On other occasions, the foul smell could be a result of a broken sewer that needs replacement. Save yourself the time and hassle of repairing it yourself.

If you mess up when repairing, the foul smell could escalate.

Leaking Faucets


If you have stayed in a home for long without maintenance, the chances are high that you will have leaking faucets.

Leaking faucets can cause wastage of water; hence, its essential to resolve the matter immediately. Leaking faucets can also be caused by old cartridges, a bad valve seat, or worn out O rings.

A plumber will fix the faucet and stop the leakage, but its always recommended that you do proper home maintenance and replace all faucets to prevent future problems.

No Hot Water

It’s always frustrating when you jump in the shower, and all you get is ice cold water. There are several reasons why your shower gives you cold water.

The thermostat could be poorly calibrated; therefore, giving false readings to the system, the water heater might lack the pilot light, and there are chances that you ran out of hot water, and the system is recharging.

Before you jump to conclusions and decide to replace the entire water heater system, contact a licensed plumber. It might cost you more if you troubleshoot the problem by yourself.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

Garbage disposal kits often have a manual that you can use and replace it by yourself.

If you are keen and follow all the safety protocols, the replacement could take you a while, but you would eventually accomplish your mission.

However, if you make one wrong move, you risk causing leakages and floods.

If you are not confident enough, it would be in your best interest to contact a skilled plumber to fix the garbage disposal kit faster.

Failure of Sump Pumps

Your home basement is probably fitted with a sump pump that prevents the accumulation of water.

Pump manufacturers always advise homeowners to repair and maintain the pumps regularly and avoid malfunctions.

This might be your first time to learn about a sump pump, and just like other homeowners, you have no idea how maintenance is done.

A licensed plumber will take you through the maintenance process, and if it has issues, they will help with the repair.

Professionals better resolve most plumbing issues, and although they might seem easy to handle, you will save yourself lots of trouble by hiring a pro.

When picking a plumber, find one with tons of experience and avoid postponing the problem resolution.