Pipe Relining vs. Pipe Replacement – Which Is Better?

For homeowners plumbing is a priority item, damage can be extensive and repairs can be expensive not to mention how it can turn life upside down.

Yet it is all too common to be reactive rather than proactive, how can a person tell there is something wrong in the pipe until after it has happened, as I will discuss it turns out with the right tools we can!

People react to plumbing events after the basement has flooded or the water bill went through the roof because we can’t see what is going on. Being reactive about something as essential water is something we would not tolerate in our professional lives.

Yet from our first moment in the morning, as we shower and brush our teeth through even our drinking water from the faucet, we are not proactive, beyond a little maintenance, but that could be about to transform!


How Far Will You Go?

Many proud homeowners will fix a blocked drain in the sink or shower. Perhaps climb a ladder to clean the gutters! A small few might even consider digging up the front yard, but there will always come a problem where people will need to turn to a professional.

Listed below are some key examples of the hardest jobs, especially where most of the pipes are hidden:

  • Cracks or holes
  • Erosion
  • Damage from tree roots
  • Missing sections of pipe
  • Old age

Earlier this year it was reported in the news that a ground movement could crack your house, the pictures are shocking. This cracking which is caused by the contraction of the soil underneath and around the house can cause structural damage to your water pipes as well.

Historically a leak in the pipes to or from your home, waste-water, is a leak in a pipe ‘down under’ 0.3-0.75 meters of the ground all the way across the front yard which can lead to quite an excavation.

Plumbing inbound is not all you need to think about as water is also leaving the property sullage or grey water and of course your sewage system, but perhaps you also have a backup sump pump to protect your basement from flooding,

You could spend hours with plungers, rods working on a drain just to find the problem is much further down than you can reach or see.

It does not stop there what kind of pipes you need because there are many types of pipes that you can read about here.

So while it states copper is the most common, maybe your house was built not so long ago when galvanized pipes were frequently used or maybe it was further back and iron or steel was used.

Even when you know this you have to check what you are connecting to the outside which may depend a little on where you live.

A Solution for NSW

Pipe relining should not just be considered a temporary solution; it is just a newer, more agile technology, more suited for today’s faster pace of life.

Josh of Total Relining Solutions suggests using CCTV to find the exact issue is a far superior solution in terms of time, cost, and complexity of access. With a guarantee for 35 years, they clearly stand behind this solution.

Also, consider if it will not work they can show you why before digging up the yard!

Can You Say That Again!

Yes relining the pipes is a reality, it works, it’s tried, tested, and comes with a guarantee of 35 years but, expect it to last 50!

Certainly, it might not be the first thing people think of, especially those of us used to seeing water companies delay traffic by digging up the roads to fix mains or carving a channel across someone’s perfect front yard for a connecting pipe.

Relining is in fact the best environmental solution as well, for both commercial and private clients. The benefits are many, not least that they can view the interior of your pipe to make their recommendation, like an endoscope, it is unobtrusive, designed to get into those ‘hidden’ pipes.

A quick search of the pipelining Inversion process will provide examples of how this works. The videos show the camera, like keyhole surgery, can be easily inserted into the pipe and work its way down the pipe looking for trouble.

The actual machine brought to the is small and will use the existing access point or pipe to manage the repair from!

Something New Often Takes Time


Homeowners are of course cautious, but we are living in an increasingly agile world and there is a need to be proactive, relining protects the environment and individual finances by preventing water loss and eliminating the need to excavate and replace the pipes.

If you own an old house and your water bills seem high it is probably worth looking for a company that without expensive excavation and pipe replacement can use the latest technology to check your pipes!

If they don’t already it seems certain that the professional plumber will use this service because it is efficient and also it’s guaranteed.

So if you have a plumbing concern take a look for a pipe relining company in your area, if you lucky enough to live in New South Wales perhaps reach out to Josh where they can quickly assess and give you advice on what is needed.

A short story in case you are not convinced to consider the benefits of a service like this. A plumber doing work on a condo convinced the tenant that all the pipes needed ripping out and replacing.

He did this by pushing a long brush up the faucet and pipe which came back covered in something black, a brackish taste in the water had raised the alarm!

It seems most likely that this was an algae, which could be harmful, but is not caused by old pipes. Algae build up in the water is most often due to exposure to sunlight, in a country where the water was treated and potable the issue might not even be in the condo.

Yet the tenant, disgusted, agreed to rip all the pipes from the whole condo and start again, at considerable cost. Perhaps a quick investigation of the pipes with a camera would find the source of the issue, was external to the apartment, and should be resolved by the property management or even the water company!