5 Best Kitchen Design Trends Worth Trying in 2020

Trends are tempting and can be quite inspiring, but when it comes to the kitchen, you should think about practicality first.

If you decide to spend money on an entirely new kitchen or even just remodeling, you will need something to last more than a season.

So be sure to follow trends, because things are constantly changing, and some of these changes may prove beneficial, but always bear your everyday needs and habits in mind.

Here, we present you with some of the best kitchen design trends that are certainly worth trying if you plan to remodel or to decorate your new house.

Maybe you will find some inspiration.

Lovely farmhouse kitchens are still growing in popularity


Farmhouse inspired kitchens have been gaining more and more fans for some time already, but it doesn’t look like this trend is going anywhere anytime soon.

Rustic style has also spread to the other rooms of the houses, as well as different aspects of our lives, such as wedding decorations.

Of course, it is supposed to only look old, rustic and retro, in reality being brand new and modern.

Especially the farmhouse sinks conquer the hearts of interior designers and homeowners because of their functionality and great looks.

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Focus on the lighting and don’t be afraid to get a little wild (if you like it)

People are starting to pay more attention to the lighting in their surroundings, and their reasons vary (or overlap).

First of all, everyone becomes more aware of the importance of good lighting, especially in the kitchen.

For example, they start to appreciate having an additional lamp over the countertop in the kitchen or dimmable lights to have the possibility of making a cosy atmosphere but also of creating the right environment for working.

Then, people started to notice that they can get crazy with decorative lamps, and the number of them in a room.

These days, you don’t have to choose between this lovely chandelier or useful pendants.

As long as you think they will go well with the decor, you can have the chandelier for the general ambience in the kitchen (after all, it is the heart of every house) and pendants for specific activities.

A pretty sconce can not only be charming but also help you wash the dishes more thoroughly.

Creative storage solutions are here to stay

wooden storage

Minimalism may be fashionable right now, but it’s hard to be a minimalist in the kitchen; you simply need all this stuff, especially if cooking is one of your passions, or you have a big family.

But, even if you’re not a true minimalist, you probably don’t want your utensils and other things cluttering around your kitchen.

There is no modern kitchen without specially-designed, creative storage solutions; yes, these days, they are already included in the planning process.

You can use the normally neglected space above your fridge, arrange a drawer specifically for spices, oils and other things that you need to keep in order and at hand.

Also, butler’s pantries are getting back in good graces, as they don’t only provide storage space but also some privacy.

You may put your dishwasher there and stop worrying about the noise when you have guests in your kitchen.

Kitchens are getting smarter


Technology is developing rapidly, and it has already started to influence all aspects of our lives.

The kitchen is no exception here.

It’s not only about buying a couple of gadgets to make life easier; these days, smart kitchens are planned carefully from the very beginning.

Everything is smart and connected: faucets that know when to run the water and when to stop, smart fridges that keep track of your groceries, expiry dates, and lacks, devices to monitor your eggs, make your coffee automatically when you wake up, or lights controllable from your phone.

It would be a pity to set up a new kitchen without making it at least a little smarter.

Decorate with natural materials

Not so long ago, people couldn’t imagine a kitchen with much wood, not to mention wooden or other natural decorations.

However, with the rise of popularity of the rustic style, designers and homeowners started to notice that it actually adds some warmth to the interior designs.

It’s about the colors of nature – black, brown, grey, beige, green – and the variety of textures, such as adding some wood to urban bricks or choosing a golden or a copper faucet. 

Listen to yourself

Trends may be a great inspiration, but the most important thing is to know what you need and want.

You don’t want to decide on something you’re not sure about only to discover that it interrupts with your household’s daily routine.

Your habits and preferences are essential to consider.

You will be the one spending the most time in there, so make sure you feel comfortable.