Increase Your Home Value with a New Roof

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Any improvement is welcome when you’re putting your house on the market, but a new roof is simply irresistible.

Home buyers will always appreciate a home that is improved because most of them can’t handle to change something after purchasing a house.

So, adding a new roof to your home can increase your property value. Why not just keep the old one?

Well, apart from the fact that it doesn’t look too appealing, it can also raise concerns regarding leaking and insulation issues, which might end up lowering the home’s value. 

Will your home sell better if it has a new roof?

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Studies have shown that replacing your home’s roof is a reasonable investment.

Can a roof increase your home value? It depends.

The average homeowner spends around $22,000 on a new shingle roof of midrange quality.

So, investing in a new roof is worth it because it can attract buyers who are willing to pay more.

Other studies found that replacing the roof can add much more to the assessment value.

You could get a good return on investment if you add a new roof to your home, up to 60%, in fact.

How can you be sure to achieve this?

It is clearly a good investment, but there are some things you need to keep in mind when adding a new roof to your house.

The housing market conditions, the quality of the roof, and the type of replacement roof you choose. 

Keep Your Existing Roof in Good Condition

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One of the most visible components of your home is the roof.

If it’s not maintained properly, any damage the weather creates can cause long term issues.

Taking good care of your roof is basically the most important thing on your home maintenance checklist.

It’s the same as checking on the pipes from time to time. When going house-hunting, potential buyers look at many details and a leak can be a pretty serious red flag.

So, every home buyer will want to carefully inspect the roof to be in very good condition because if not, they can change their mind.

Just a few of them have the energy and money to do major repairs to the roof after they’ve just moved in.

However, it’s important to inspect your roof throughout the year.

The weather conditions can bring damage to it, so an inspection can let you know if changes are needed. 

Market Conditions

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Adding a new roof to your house can increase the property value, but not in every market.

It’s best if you ask for advice at your local appraisers to understand exactly the market conditions.

Because your specific market may be different from the regional average. Home appraisers will immediately notice if the roof is in good condition or needs repairs.

However, if you’ve only just replaced the roof and it hasn’t been damaged, there’s no need to upgrade it because it won’t bring much value to your home.

The homebuyers won’t reject your offer based only on this factor, don’t worry.

If your home’s roof is in poor condition and you can’t afford to replace it before selling the house, you should expect that many buyers may ask for a discount.

However, if you want to be sure how much cost the repairs for the roof, ask a professional, so you can see exactly what’s best to do. 

Roofs Are Kind of a Big Deal

Do you want to sell your house but your roof is broken? Should you invest in replacing it?

Are you facing a dilemma? Do not worry!

If you are looking for experts to replace your existing roof, Cherry and Clark Roofing can offer you great services, including roof repairs, metal roofing, roof inspections, etc.

Usually, replacing your roof may cost you, but it’s best if you do it before possible buyers visit it.

A real estate agent will recommend you repairing or replacing your roof before selling the house.

Roofs are a big deal, is one of the factors that attract buyers, so it’s important to make a good first impression.

Houses in good condition attract customers and are also sold at higher prices.

Adding a roof to your home can eliminate a point of negotiation. 

How much does it cost to replace your roof?

calculator and money beside red roofed house

There are two important factors that determine the cost of a new roof: the size of the roof and the material you choose.

For example, a roof for a small garage will cost you less than a large roof for a house with more rooms.

The average cost may be around $4,000-$5,000.

However, replacing a roof on a large family home may cost around $10,000.

These prices refer only to replacing the roof covering, not making any other structural changes.

Compare recent sales to your home to see how much you can gain.

Selling your home on a competitive market can help you maintain the price.

Buyers often look for any minor maintenance issues, just to purchase the house at an affordable price.

Need Any Help to Decide?

Before you decide to sell your house, you need to inspect it first, to make sure there’s nothing that can lower the price of it.

Asking for a real estate agent advice will help you understand all the aspects and what needs repair or replacement, such as your home’s roof.

If the agent decides that the roof needs replacement, it’s necessary that you hire a roof inspector to evaluate how much will it cost.

Before hiring a roof inspector, make sure you talk to many professionals to get quotes.

This will help you determine if you can afford the repairs, or it’s best to leave it as it is and adjust the selling price.

But this will impact the final price, so you can check what the average cost of a house that needs repair is.

You need a strategy to attract buyers to such a competitive market.

There are some factors that can impact the outcome, such as the financial situation of the buyer, the condition of the property, the time of the year, etc. consider these aspects before you decide whether or not to replace or repair your home’s roof.