Tips to Improve Your Home with Furniture

Our homes are our sanctuaries. It’s where we rest our bones and exhale after a long day. It’s where we bring together friends and family to enjoy a fantastic meal and conversation.

The home is, as the timeless saying goes, where the heart is–and our hearts are often in the walls of the warm house that keep us. New Zealand homes have always been suited for function and efficiency.

They’re usually modest, warm, utilitarian, kind of a halfway point between the Japanese home and the American ranch house. But more importantly, they can always use a little more spruce and style.

Improving living space is never easy. There are so many things one has to consider. Remember back in your younger years when you’d just buy whatever pieces of furniture served the appropriate function?

Yeah, those days are over. There’s a bit more thought that needs to be put into it. But, conversely, with the right pieces, you can make any room look like a million bucks. It just takes a bit of time and searching.

Here we’ll explore all the ways you can improve the look of your home with just a few solid furniture pieces. Some of these items will surprise you.

Others will be complete no-brainers Some of them might bring back childhood memories you forgot were even there. We’ll have New Zealand’s personal sense of style and blend it with both Eastern and Western flair.


If you haven’t sat in a comfortable armchair in a while, you’re in for a surprise. That’s the beauty of the thick-cushioned armchair: they’re always way more comfortable than you expect.

That’s the kind of function that everybody can get behind. It’s going to be a personal centerpiece for every hard-working individual in the house.

Got home from a tough day at the office? Kick-off your shoes and get into the La-Z-Boy. Tough afternoon at the gridiron with the boys? Rinse off first, then rest your bones on the armchair.

Also, if you’re going to get an armchair, go for the best. There’s no use buying a second rate piece that’s less comfortable and less stylish than a La-Z-Boy. Stick to that.

So when you’re out to buy furniture in Christchurch or any other big city, try out the armchairs. There’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll plop down on every model.

You’ll feel your body sink into the soft cushions. You’ll fall in love instantly.

Grown-up Bed Frame

If you’ve been in university for the better part of the last decade, chances are you’ve been on a double mattress on the floor next to a yoga mat and some dumbbells. If that’s you, you’re in serious need of an upgrade.

The introductory furniture piece for those trying to look less slobbish is a low profile, platform bed frame. For many of you, that’s a massive step up. Your best bet with a platform bed frame is something with rounded edges.

You will hit your shin on it. You will curse the day you succumbed to the pressures of being an adult with a bed frame. Might as well make it a softer leather-bound or round-edge frame.

If you want to up your game, you can have your bedsit on a canopy bed frame or even a sleigh bed frame. The point is to upgrade your style and the presentation of your bedroom with something intentional and clean.

A bedframe is the easiest and most logical means of achieving this.


beautifully decorated master bedroom with white and light brown tones

If you’re going to get a good bed frame, you might as well leap and upgrade your bed. A bed is the most used piece of furniture, yet we ignore it for the most part. We’ve inherited beds, we’ve found beds that come with the property.

Some of us have even kept our beds for over a decade. It’s time to upgrade. We spend a third of our entire lives asleep. We spend hours upon hours laying on the bed reading books and scrolling through Instagram.

We use it for everything. Why not spend the money on something you’ll be in for a significant chunk of your life? Beds aren’t cheap, though. You need to have to commit to getting the bed.

It might set you back more than you initially want, but it is almost always worth it. A good night’s sleep is the most important factor in anyone’s health. You workout? You eat right? You push your body?

For any of that to have a solid benefit, you’re going to need to let your body rest properly. That’s what a good bed can offer. Find something that has individually wrapped springs.

They’re stable, they’re comfortable, and they’re in the mid-range in terms of price.


Vanity is a simple piece of furniture. It’s usually small, incredibly utilitarian, and adds a clean sense of fashion to any bedroom.

If you’ve spent the better part of a decade putting on makeup in the bathroom mirror, a vanity is going to blow you away. Again, it’s simple. It’s a table with some small drawers, light bulbs, and a mirror.

But the effect on one’s confidence is noticeable. When you first sit on it, you feel like a star. You feel like you’re getting ready for your close up. It’s all these little fantasies and scenarios that make it all worth it.

Whatever it takes to put a smile on our face, right? On top of that, they’re incredibly stylish. They add that extra bit of class to any bedroom.

Fashioned out of the backstages and green rooms of the great theaters, vanities give everyone a good look at what they’re working with before, during, and after makeup. Besides, they’re a whole lot of fun.

Light Fixtures and Lamps

Good lighting makes all the difference. If you have any doubts about what good lighting can do, just take a look at furniture stores. Everything on the floor looks like a million bucks. Why? It’s all well lit.

If you go to any boutique or any high-end establishment, the lighting is almost always fantastic. So if you’re trying to get the most out of what you have in your home, make sure it’s well lit.

Some well-placed lamps and light fixtures tie a room together quite well. They’re also among the least expensive additions to a home.

They’re modular and can be switched out whenever you want. Lamp looking too bulky in that one spot? You can switch it to another. The only labor-intensive part of good lighting is the wiring.

But like any important piece of home improvement, you should have a day or so set aside to work out the logistics and the setup. A bed, a La-Z-Boy, a frame–all of them need some help. Light fixtures are no different.


The biggest problem with most modern homes is the use of space. How many places have you been to with piles of clutter in the corners?

With Amazon, Shopify, and all the other avenues to buy needless items, our homes have become storage places for mostly useless stuff.

This is where shelves come in. If you can free up floor space, you have a lot more to work with. More floor space gives your home a more open and classy look. Invest in good shelving.

A few well-set platforms against an empty wall take the eyes off of the floor. Plus, you can arrange your stuff any which way you want. Do you have a set of collectibles you’ve been keeping in a drawer?

You can display them proudly and put the clutter in the drawers instead. Trophies and degrees? You can do the same thing.

With shelving, you can proudly set your home up with your interests and achievements while adding square meters to your open floor. It’s a win-win.


If you have solid floors, you know how cold they can get. You know that during the winter months, your feet are going to hit that icy floor every single morning.

Well, you can have a buffer between the arctic wood and your sensitive feet. You can get a rug. Well placed area rugs are not only functional, they’re beautiful pieces that harken back to classical design.

You don’t have to have Persian or Oriental designs on them. They can be anything. You can tailor your area rug to the sensibilities and themes that you prefer.

All you need to do is find the perfect spot (preferably under a bed or a coffee table) and measure out the area. There are plenty of available designs.

Some websites even allow you to upload a picture and virtually add the rug to the image. You can’t go wrong with a good area rug.

Furniture and lighting make up the major players of a home. They’re the pieces that make your place distinct from the rest.

Even if you live in a smaller apartment with the same floor plan as everyone else, you can make any place uniquely yours with the right investments. Start planning today.

You’ll thank yourself when you’re plopped down on a heavenly armchair after a hard day at work.