How to Properly Clean Your Rugs

There are two processes to clean rugs properly. The process you choose mainly depends on how much time you have, whether you have an open area that you can use during the process, and the energy you are willing to spend on getting your rugs clean.

No matter which process you choose, the result is going to be practically the same.

Clean Your Rugs Yourself

The second option you have when you want to clean your rugs is to do it yourself. This will need more work, but it won’t be as expensive as having your rugs professionally cleaned.

You will mainly need space because cleaning rugs can be a messy process, and you will need to use a hose. You will also need to find a good quality rug cleaner or shampoo to use when cleaning your rugs.

The Products You Need

If you decide to clean your rugs yourself, make sure the products you use are high quality and that you prepare your rugs well by soaking them with water before applying the cleaner, and by giving them sufficient time to dry after you finish rinsing the shampoo from them.

Make sure that there is no soap residue on the rugs. If you do not do so, your rugs will attract even more dirt and will end up needing another wash sooner rather than later.

Have the Rugs Professionally Cleaned

If you decide to have your rugs professionally cleaned, you are going to save yourself a lot of effort and time. You will also decrease the risk of ruining your rugs because a professional cleaner is going to use the best rug cleaning supplies.

The experts at explain how professionals can offer services other than simple cleanings, like sanitation and sterilization — an important factor given the recent global pandemic.

The best thing about hiring someone to clean your rugs for you is that once you find a trustworthy and professional rug cleaning company you can leave the rest up to them.

Steps to Follow


The steps are quite simple. 

Step 1. You need to clear a large area as your washing setup. You can now get all the rugs you need to wash and proceed with vacuuming them. 

Step 2. You need to soak your rugs with water using a hose. 

Step 3. Apply the rug shampoo and thoroughly remove any dirt or stains using a cleaning brush. Leave the shampoo in for the specified time in the bottle.

Step 4. Rinse all of the product out well before leaving your rugs to dry out completely for a couple of days. 

Make sure that you dry them in a well-ventilated area so that they do not start smelling musty. After your rugs are completely dry, vacuum them again.

If you are hesitant about cleaning your rugs because you are still a beginner, try cleaning one rug to test out what works best. After the first couple of times of washing a rug, you will find yourself able to properly wash all your area rugs in no time.

Now that you are aware of the steps you need to take to get your rugs properly cleaned, you can go ahead and choose which method you want to go for. Choosing between having your rugs professionally cleaned and cleaning them yourself will need some serious thought.

Both options have their pros and cons. In the end, you need to decide for yourself whether you can handle cleaning your rugs properly all by yourself, or if you want to avoid the entire hassle and have someone professional do it for you.