The Importance of Deep Cleaning Your Home

Many people are wondering if their cleaning methods at home have much of an effect on the spread of spreading germs, or worse viruses.

People worldwide are aware of the importance of their hygiene in preventing the spread of this easily transmittable disease.

However, many people still do not realize the importance of thoroughly cleaning their homes, offices, and any place they are spending time in. Here’s our quick guide on why it’s important to deep clean your home on a regular bases. 

What is Deep Cleaning?

Unlike routine cleaning that a person regularly does, deep cleaning takes more time and requires more effort than just wiping down exposed surfaces with a rag or towel.

Moreover,  deep cleaning is similar to what people consider as ‘spring cleaning.’ The difference is when you are spring cleaning, it is not done for the sake of protecting yourself and your family.

Another thing that people need to understand is that instead of using regular cleaners, you need to find out different disinfectants that can be used.

Many disinfectants have been approved by official entities, including agencies that protect our environment as well.

Remember that it is better to use approved products rather than mixing cleaners or disinfectants because you may end up risking your family’s health.

This kind of cleaning needs to be done frequently nowadays because it’s believed that a virus can remain on various surfaces ranging from a few hours to several days. The frequency of deep cleaning depends on a list of factors.

1- The Types of Surfaces

The amount of time that the virus remains active on a surface depends mainly on what material the surface is made of.

Depending on what surfaces you have in your home, you might need to disinfect and clean more frequently than usual. Carpets are surfaces that are often overlooked during routine cleaning, but not during a deep cleaning.

There are different ways to ensure that your carpets are sanitized and disinfected to protect your family.

You can get more information at about how professionals follow specific regulations to ensure that the carpets they clean are thoroughly washed and, more importantly, completely sanitized.

These regulations vary depending on the material of the carpets, but the result is always the same.

woman cleaning the carpet

2- Frequently Leaving Your Home

If you isolated yourself well, then you will only have to deep clean your home once a week.

On the other hand, if someone in your home goes out for essential work and errands, or you go out regularly during this period, then you will have to be more conscientious about cleaning your home, especially if you or one of your family has a weak immune system or other health complications.

3- Exposure to People

How often you should clean your home depends on how many people actually visit you.

For example, if you have things delivered to your home often, then the hallway or surface where you place the delivered packages is going to need more frequent cleaning than your bedroom, for example.

This also goes for your laundry room because it is full of dirty laundry from trips outside. This makes the laundry room a place that needs regular, if not daily, disinfecting.

Deep cleaning can sound quite complicated if you do not understand what it means.

However, it is something that many people have started regularly doing as a proactive measure.

Although you might be wearing a mask and gloves when going outside, you still need to ensure that your home is well-disinfected so that you do not live in constant fear of touching surfaces around your own home.