Getting Rid of Common Household Pests for a Healthier Home

It is always nice to have guests come and stay but there are certain guests that none of us want in our homes.

An invasion of pests can totally ruin your home experience but once they have moved in and claimed squatter rights, it can be very difficult to evict them again.

One of the problems that makes household pests so difficult to deal with is that you often do not even know that they are there until they have already multiplied. Once established in a home, pests can make some serious problems and so it is pivotal that you take the correct steps in order to prevent a full blown infestation.

This article is a guide to common household pests that you should be aware of and how you can deal with them if you find them in your home.


Ants are the most common pest that we find in our homes and are also the least undesirable.

The experts of Pest Resources explain that ants are attracted to food that is left around the house and so the best way to prevent them from coming in is to make sure that you always clean up after yourself when you have been cooking or eating.

Ants can smell and locate even the tiniest little scrap of food so you have to be really diligent. Once ants have got a taste for your kitchen scraps, they will keep coming back so try to locate their entrance points and block them off.

If this doesn’t work, there are many traps which cover the ants in poison which they will then take back to the nest and kill the queen.

Bed Bugs

Unlike ants which are annoying more than harmful, bed bugs are a horrible little pest to have in your home. Bed bugs are really difficult to see because they are so tiny but they are really nasty.

They hide in your bed and when you are sleeping safe and sound, they suck your blood to their little hearts’ content.

Once bed bugs have moved in, the best way to get rid of them is to use a steam cleaner which will disinfect your bed sheets, killing all of the bed bugs and destroying their eggs.

To stop bed bugs from getting into your house, be wary when you go away on a trip. Bed bugs stow away in luggage so always keep your suitcases sealed up in hotels to stop them coming home with you. 



Cockroaches are a horrible pest and along with spiders are one of the most feared critters in the world. Whilst cockroaches don’t really do us any physical harm, they can spread disease, especially if you come into contact with their droppings.

Because cockroaches are very secretive, the first sign that you will often see that will alert you to their presence is their droppings in the corners of rooms or in cabinets.

Cockroaches are nocturnal animals so if you see one in the day, this is a sign that you likely have a major infestation and so individuals are being pushed out of their hideouts.

If you see multiple cockroaches over the course of a few days, try spraying the areas where you find their droppings with a powerful cockroach killing spray. 


Seeing a rat in your home is everyone’s biggest fear and can cause instant panic.

Unlike common misconceptions, rats are not just attracted to dirty homes, they are just on the lookout for an easy meal.

The best way to stop rats from coming to your house is to make sure that you dispose of all your food trash properly and keep it in a sealed container outside your home.

Rats carry many nasty diseases so if you do have any in your house then your first action should be to try and poison them or set traps.

The only problem with rat poison in that the rat could end up dying and rotting away unseen under your couch. The best solution is usually to call in professional exterminators who will know the best way to deal with your problem.

There are various household pests that you should be aware of if you want to keep your home clean and comfortable.

It is vital to recognize the early signs of a pest problem so that you can take proactive steps to stop the issue from escalating. Keep your house clean and if you notice any signs of a pest, deal with it immediately.