What Does a Full Bathroom Remodel Consist Of?


You are dreaming of remodeling your bathroom because you just can’t stand the cramped, old-fashioned items you see in there every day. You want a bathroom that will be a tranquil retreat for you and a comfortable place for your guests.

You want a room that will make your mornings more pleasurable and give you all the storage space you need. Whatever your reasons for wanting a bathroom remodel, it’s important to start with a good plan and a realistic budget.

To get the best results, start by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is the real reason you want your bathroom remodeled and what do you want to see happen? Make a list of the absolute must-haves before starting.
  • How fast do you need the bathroom remodeled? Having realistic expectations will save you from having a lot of headaches and frustration during the project.
  • How much are you planning to spend? Having a budget that you feel comfortable with and getting the bathroom of your dreams may not match. Sit down with your contractor and get some realistic numbers before getting started.

What features may affect the cost of your bathroom remodel?

If you are planning to include any of the below items, add them to your budget:

  • A free-standing bathtub – Not only will the size and style of the bathtub add to the budget, but you must also consider plumbing costs.
  • Size, style, and material of cabinets and vanities – You may need custom cabinetry for either a small or an ultra-luxurious master bathroom.
  • Stone countertops – Think whether you want stone counters or prefabricated ones and budget accordingly.
  • Toilet – A new toilet can run from basic to very sophisticated but installation costs are low.
  • Sink and fixtures – The wide variety of options available can make this expense a considerable one.
  • Tile for floor and walls – Stone is hard to install and costlier than other materials. Go for ceramic, porcelain, or vinyl to match your budget. All of them offer an extensive variety of designs and colors.
  • Don’t forget to add to your budget items such as hardware, towel bars, and grab bars, mirrors and lighting, wallpaper, and paint.
  • Additional expenses may include permits, removing the old bathroom and disposing of the materials, plumbing issues and fixes, among others that your contractor might need included..

How long does a bathroom remodel take?

The construction period itself may take between two weeks and a month. However, the whole project may take much longer if you include getting the right contractor to do the job, the planning phase and wrapping up any loose ends.

Permit approvals may play an important role in lengthening the timeline. Also, getting the materials may take a while, particularly if you are set on a tile, a bathtub or other fixtures that may be out of stock at that moment.

Once your renovation is complete, take the time to do a thorough walkthrough. Test the water in the sink, flush the toilet, look at the water pressure in your showerhead, pull all drawers, move all handles, open all storage doors.

Look at the grout lines and tile installation. Make sure you are satisfied with every item and take note if something needs fixing. Click here to find out more.