Filing a Homeowners’ Insurance Claim Properly

File home insurance claim

Every homeowner should have homeowners’ insurance, as this can reimburse them when their homes or personal property are destroyed or stolen.

Weather phenomena are a common reason why people take homeowners’ insurance because weather phenomena have the ability to completely destroy property.

When your home is destroyed by weather elements, it is important that you file a homeowner’s insurance claim immediately and properly. 

Before Filing

It is important to go through your insurance policy before you make a claim. This is so that you are able to know if the damages you are claiming are covered by your policy. You should also become familiar with things like deductibles and reimbursement terms (replacement or cash).

Filing the claim

If your home is damaged in a flood or storm, the first thing you should do is get in touch with your insurance provider. They will let you know if the damage you are claiming for is covered by your policy. They will then tell you of any conditions for filing the claim like how much time you have to do it. 

At this stage, you may be given an estimate of how much you will be compensated for or if the company will do the repairs for you. You will also be notified of how long the process will take and if you need to obtain an estimate for repairing your home.

Fill the Claim Forms

Once your insurance provider knows you are filing an insurance claim, they will either send you a claims form or send you to their online portal to fill one out. Some of the details you might have to fill out include your name, the damage, and the cause of the damage (a storm).

Here, you might also have to provide photos or video evidence of the damage. If you think your home is too dangerous to climb, you can hire a company to do post-storm drone inspections for you. The drone footage can show all the damage to your home, especially if it is on the roof.

Prepare for the Adjuster

Your insurance company might send an adjuster especially if your claim is huge. The adjuster’s job is to assess the damage to your home and ensure that your claim is accurate. Some of what they will do includes inspecting the home’s structure, confirming the cause of the damage, as well as getting the relevant receipts, photos, and relevant inventory.

Get Some Estimates

In some cases, you might have to get an estimate for repairing your damages from roofing companies, local contractors, or appraisers. Having a rebuild or repair estimate from reputable contractors will give you a stronger argument and case if your insurance provider tries to low-ball you on their settlement offer.

Documentation Is Very Important

One of the most important things to do is to get and keep proper documentation. Photos and videos will help show the damage to your home, but you also need to keep receipts, estimates, and documentation of any repairs done when waiting for your payout to come.

Making an insurance claim after a storm is important to get your house back to its pristine condition. Ensure you file early and follow the right procedures to improve your chances of getting a good settlement.