Affordable Equipment for an Organized Kitchen

Although a neat, organized kitchen is a dream of many people, arranging it might be quite challenging.

Apart from adequate planning, it’s necessary to find proper equipment that will be both functional and decorative.

Some of the elements are obvious and easy to obtain, for example, a chest of drawers or storage boxes, but others do require a little thought and effort.

However, it is possible to get the effect of a perfect kitchen without spending a lot – sometimes even the small things make a difference.

In this article, you’ll learn how to organize your kitchen on the base of affordable, yet high-quality equipment:

Drawer Organizers

There is nothing worse than opening a kitchen drawer and … not being able to find anything! Yes, we all have these junk drawers that never get cleaned.

There is a simple way to cope with that, anyway – it’s enough to invest in drawer organizers. They can be made from plastic or metal, have less or more storage space, depending on your preferences. They’re an ideal way to store cutlery, spices, and other small items that get frequently lost.

To see some examples of drawer storage systems, click here.

Open Cabinets

Searching for a pan or cup while cooking can be a nightmare.

How to prevent this chaos in your kitchen? Try to open up your cabinets and … make them doorless!

Cabinets with glass windows or doors do look elegant indeed, but they’re impractical – whenever you want to reach for something, you need to open them and put away other objects that are stored there.

Open cabinets are much cheaper and more functional. To get one, you can simply choose a bookcase and fill it in with kitchen stuff. It’s affordable and functional. What’s more, open cabinets are easier to not only use but also to clean!

There are many internet resources that can inspire you – you can find original kitchen equipment products online, for example on sites like

Hanging Cup Hooks


Aren’t you tired of storing all the cups and glasses that are beautiful, but not easy to keep inside the cabinets?

A good idea is to mount up some hanging cup hooks and hang the cups there, by attaching them, for example, to the wall. The fancy cups and glasses can get presented, and you’ll save some space in the cabinets.

You can also use the hooks to store other elements, such as pans, sieves, or ladles.

Labeled Jars & Boxes

If you want to accelerate the cooking process, you could invest in labeled jars and boxes and use them for storing various products, such as pasta, rice, spices, or flour.

You can buy the packaging which is already labeled, or you might customize them on your own. Whatever you choose, labeled jars or boxes will not only be helpful in getting organized but also look personalized and original.

To see some examples of how labeling can brighten up the look of your kitchen, click here.

An Oversink Dish-drying Rack

Everyone has a dish-drying rack in their kitchen, and we all know that they are not a good example of space-saving equipment – they’re usually big and not really handy.

But why not mount a dish dryer rack in such a way that it doesn’t take much space and still remains functional? A good way of doing so is to invest in an over sink dish-drying rack – it can be hung on a hook above the sink (or in any convenient place in the kitchen).

Alternatively, you can keep the dish-drying rack inside a kitchen cabinet. It will also save space and become a great place for storing.

Pull-out Drawers

Drawers are a real blessing in the kitchen. But what if you lack them and don’t want to invest in another chest of drawers immediately?

Then, mounting up some pull-out drawers could be a good idea. They’re usually made of metal and attached to special rails so that you can reach them easily. It’s a great way of storing bigger items such as drink or detergent bottles or food boxes and cans.

You can see some examples of pull-out drawers for the kitchen here.


Arranging an organized kitchen might be quite a challenge, especially on a tight budget.

However, the examples of kitchen equipment shown above prove that it is possible to get affordable kitchen-organizing items, such as drawers and drawer organizers, hooks, jars, boxes, and other storage elements.

With a little re-organization and planning, your kitchen will soon become neat and easy to navigate.