Why Becoming an Electrician is a Great Career Option

The flow of electricity is rather like the life-blood of homes, buildings and industries. We are now all dependent on electrical power: once the supply is down, all activities come to a standstill. Therefore, an electrician thus becomes an essential professional to keep everything running smoothly.

What’s more, now is a better time than ever to become an electrician. Let’s take a look at why.

Attractive Income

Being an electrician is one of the highest-paying jobs in the UK. According to totaljobs.com, an electrician in the UK can earn more than £30,000 a year. An electrician’s monthly income need not be fixed. They have many options to increase the monthly earnings, such as working more hours, taking up contract projects, running their own business, and so on.

High Demand

There is currently very high demand for many categories of skilled workers, including electricians. Evidently, there has not been a proportionate increase in the number of electricians with the increase in population in recent years. This has created more job opportunities and prospects for a responsible electrician. This demand also means that able electricians can enjoy high wages and a wide range of opportunities.

Work without a University Degree

There are many different paths to become an electrician, from apprenticeships to courses. Most options avoid years of formal study, and therefore you won’t have to worry about accumulating mountains of student debt. For updating your knowledge about the latest developments in the field, you can attend brief courses such as a 3-day 18th Edition course while you are on the job.

A Variety of Career Options

Being an electrician means having multiple career options and many doors open to you. Here are some of the main options you could choose between:

  • You can work as maintenance or wiring electrician in commercial and domestic buildings.
  • Alternatively, you can be a contractor and run your business if you have the necessary business skills and a bit of experience.
  • Another option is to work as a construction projects electrician.
  • You may also work in the maintenance of industrial electrical equipment.

Challenging Job

An electrician’s job is never dull. It’s not like a routine clerical job. It’s a technical job that brings new challenges every day. You encounter a different problem all the time, meaning you have to find a feasible solution as soon as possible with the resources at hand. Theses puzzles provide you with regular mental exercise and keep sharpening your problem-solving skills.

Interesting, On-the-Move Job

A maintenance electrician’s job, for example, involves moving around in the city from one location to another. Thus, every day of your career can be a different setting. You don’t need to sit in the same place all day long doing sedentary work – rather, you’ll be active and always be enjoying new environments.


Since a self-employed electrician is their own boss, they can decide how the work should move. They can determine their own work hours and prioritise different appointments as per their convenience. They can maintain the perfect balance between family life and work by dividing time between the two as they desire. Moreover, they don’t need to see their boss to request leave if they have an urgent personal matter to attend to.


Being an electrician is a career that provides ample opportunities for one to work alone and independently as a self-employed professional. You don’t have a boss to report to and take orders from. You can do your work in a way you think the best. You can find satisfaction by solving problems and excelling in your work.

You Gain Valuable Skills

Being an electrician is not same as routine office work. You will have a valuable technical skill, which will always be useful wherever you go. This skill is an asset that can help you find a livelihood easily if you move somewhere new. Furthermore, you will be sharpening your skills and learning new things on the job throughout your career.

Social Responsibility and Better Relationships

Since a self-employed electrician’s job mostly involves meeting the end-consumer in person, they know the impact of the services they offer and how it makes people’s lives better. This makes them realise their role in society, which makes them more socially responsible individuals. Their routine interactions with many customers also give them a chance to expand their network and build valuable relationships.

Final Thoughts

From good pay to a challenging work environment, as well as multiple training paths and a flexible and independent work environment, this career path is attractive for many reasons. Moreover, the skills that become a part of you by becoming an electrician’s can help you in multiple ways for the rest of your life. With all the above advantages, why not look at becoming an electrician in 2020?