6 Great Tips on How to Pick the Right Dumpster Rental

Do you need a dumpster rental for your house renovation, major garden or basement clean-up, or industrial construction site?

Many of us need to rent one at some point in our life but don’t know what we should need to consider to pick the right dumpster to use. Knowing the right qualification and asking the right question can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

If you are researching before renting one, then you are on the right path. Continue reading for some of the great tips for your dumpster needs.

Assess The Dumpster Rental Prices

If it’s your first time renting a bin, it can be complicated to understand the dumpster rental prices. You might have questions regarding the inclusions, hidden fees, and other unexpected charges.

As explained in an article from Bin There Dump That, many variables are considered when getting a price quote.

The average rental across the United States is $250 to $650 and more. While prices vary around this price, your state or location can affect the cost.

The most significant consideration aside from the location is the size, the material you are throwing away, and the duration of renting the dumpster. This will be further discussed in the following part of the article.

Nevertheless, experts and consultants should be able to help you assess everything to help you understand and get the best value for your dumpster rental.

Ask for the Available Dumpster Size

residential view of new houses being built and construction garbage

As mentioned, the size offered is essential in choosing the best dumpster rental. Determine the size you need and ask the company if they have a particular size available.

The size should be accurate because you don’t want to spend a lot on a size you don’t need or don’t want to pay double because you have the wrong size.

Ask the dumpster rental company what dumpster sizes they offer, they can estimate what and how much waste can fit in them.

  • 5 to 10 Yard Dumpster Rental – this is usually the smallest one. Four to six yard is perfect for a few waste debris like small remodeling projects and minor cleanouts.
  • 20 Yard Dumpster Rental – they are best for medium remodeling projects and major cleanouts. 20 cubic yard is equivalent to six trucks full of waste material.
  • 30 to 40 Yard Dumpster Rental- dumpster this size are usually used for commercial and industrial purposes. The waste amount can be from nine to twelve trucks full of waste material.

Check What Type of Waste They Accept

You have to ask the dumpster provider if they can accept the type of waste you are generating. Some trash containers are not meant for hazardous waste, combustible and flammable materials, and other chemicals.

Check what kind of waste they can process and check the local rules on disposing of certain types of material.

Most bin rental can be used to dispose of construction and home improvement debris, household junk, old appliances, wooden furniture, and yard waste.

Ensure that you call, email, or talk in person with the provider to clarify all of this issue. It would be best to be straightforward and honest to avoid any misunderstanding in the end.

Verify The Allowable Duration of Renting The Dumpster

To pick the right dumpster you need, it would be best to verify the allowable period of renting the dumpster. The pricing of the rental should be justified by how long they are going to allow you to use it.

Most of the dumpster price quotation gives you five days to seven days rental period. It is essential to ask how much the additional cost would be if you want to rent it for a more extended period.

Moreover, ask the process if you’re going to get rid of the waste right away. You don’t want to have a bin full of waste sitting right outside your house. The process of shortening and extending your rental is worth asking and clarifying to the provider.

Evaluate Their Qualification

You might not think you don’t need a good company with a high qualification since they only handle the waste. That thinking is entirely wrong since throwing trash needs high-quality standards too.

The best dumpster rental should have proper health and safety training. Waste management should be followed appropriately, the staff that will help you should know what to do if unfortunate situations happen.

Hiring an experienced company will have all the proper gear and equipment, along with knowledge and precautions in certain conditions.

Look Over the Company’s Customer Support Service

Besides the qualification, look over the customer support service the company provides. It is extremely critical that you can be able to reach them and ask for help whenever you need them.

The best dumpster rental should give you an effective and prompt service that you need. The value for money can also be identified by the customer support service they provide.

If you consider all of the things mentioned above, you can guarantee that you will choose the right dumpster rental. It may seem like a tedious and complicated task, but doing this will be beneficial for you.