Simple Ways to Repair Your Driveway or Parking Lot Yourself

DIY driveway repair tips

If you own a home with a driveway, or own or operate a business with a parking lot, then you will know how important this small stretch of asphalt can be.

At home, the driveway doesn’t just provide a convenient place near your door to park your car, or give you a smooth runway into your garage; it is also one of the first things visitors and guests see of your home.

It is a part of the first impression you give when people approach your home. If you own or operate a business, this first impression can be even more crucial, and could be the difference between someone spending money at your business or driving past.

Repairing a cracked driveway or the broken asphalt of a parking lot can be easier than you think. For many simple repair jobs, you don’t need heavy machinery or much experience. Here are some simple ways to repair your driveway or parking lot yourself.

Taking Care of Cracks

Small cracks in asphalt are one of the most common problems that need fixing on any asphalt surface. Bigger cracks, more like craters, will need specialist attention, but anything that is only a few inches deep, and three or four inches apart can be repaired quickly and seamlessly by just about anyone.

With the right preparation, planning, tools and supplies, you can seal and repair a gap in your driveway or parking lot in less than an hour. Spend a day fixing the small cracks and chips in your asphalt and it will look like new.

Fill Potholes and Divots

Potholes in your parking lot or driveway can damage vehicles, as well as cause people to trip and hurt themselves. If you own a small business, a pothole in your parking lot can cost you a lot of money.This is another area where larger problems will require a professional solution, but small potholes and depressions in your asphalt can be filled and sealed easily with tools and supplies you can find in a hardware store.

You can find pothole repair ‘crete’ pre-mixed and ready to apply in most large hardware stores, and it should be colored black to match your asphalt. This provides a first filling layer, that can be used as soon as it dries. It should then be sealed for all weather with cold-press bitumen or sealant to survive heavy rain and last many winters.

Fixtures and Finishes

It isn’t just the asphalt that makes a driveway or a parking lot. You need to consider its fixtures and finishing touches. Security lights and cameras are becoming more common at home and at businesses, and these should be in good working order.

Do you need to freshen up any painted lines? If it is time to repaint your parking lot then you can do that yourself too, with some extra care and planning. Keeping your lines straight is the hardest part.

You don’t always need to call in the professionals to help you to take care of your driveways or your parking lot. Most small problems can be repaired quickly and inexpensively by anyone with the right tools and equipment.