Decorating Ideas for Kids Rooms

There are so many different decorating ideas when it comes to kids’ rooms that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. If you followed all the inspiration from your Pinterest collection, you’ll probably end up spending more money on your kids’ room than on the rest of the house! We have put together some easy  to follow tips that will help you keep it creative but simple and organized. 

You can either keep it simple or go wild; it all depends on your taste and your child’s personality. Decorating should be a fun experience, after all. If your child is old enough to have their own interests, you can make a mood board and draw anything they would like to see in their room. Maybe you have an aspiring painter at home, and setting up an easel in the corner of the room will be the most appropriate solution – or going crazy and making a whole wall into an easel? Sometimes, going big doesn’t have to cost a lot. 

Remember that aside from a place to rest and play, you need to find a bright and comfortable corner for learning and creative activities. There must be time to play, but in order to develop your child needs a place where they can calm down and read books in peace, do their homework and work on projects.

Here are some fantastic tips on how to creatively decorate your kid’s room:

Don’t Forget to Throw in Some Magic

Children love magic, and everything related to fairy-tale characters. A room that may seem quite ordinary during the day, can turn into a magical forest at night. You just need to attach LED tape lights to the wall to create a mysterious atmosphere – combine them with glow in the dark stars and jars full of LED fireflies (you can also use tape lights to get this effect!) and your magic forest is ready to explore.

Magic is not only about flickering lights, but also props. Perhaps your little one already reads books and is a fan of the most famous wizard – Harry Potter? Try to use fancy items from this popular series of books. You can buy bedding in Gryffindor colors, and devote one shelf to place all the books on it.

Play With Color

A colorful interior can be a place where a child won’t be bored. IT’s the perfect room in the house where you can go crazy with colors. Ask what color your child likes best. Perhaps it is a whole set of colors that you can combine and create an artistic wall.

It is also a good idea to use the images of colorful fairy-tale heroes, planets, dinosaurs or letters and numbers – it can be both fun and educational. Mega wall stickers are easy to get, and sometimes you can even get them custom made. 

Stickers can present a huge opportunity to add color to your child’s room without painting the walls themselves – this is an ideal option for people who rent and don’t have the opportunity to alter the walls. Some stickers can take up the whole wall and really set the mood. 

Jurassic Park at Home

If your child is an aspiring archaeologist, you can support their passion and make it easier to explore the world in this scientific field. Artifacts, bones, and plastic dinosaurs are the items that must have their place in your child’s room.

Please don’t forget that in order to conduct perfectly organized archaeological research, your kid needs to know the topic in theory. Provide your little explorer with some books and encyclopedias about the world of excavations. You will notice that the lust for knowledge consumes young minds very quickly. Your child will not want to be distracted from reading and will surely be happy to learn new tidbits in the field that interests them.

Project alert:

Collect sticks and paint them white – here are your dinosaur bones! You can use wood glue, or even better – a glue gun to put them all together into a fantastical dinosaur of your own creation! If you feel comfortable with the gluing job, you can even hang him up from the ceiling, just like in a museum! 

A Place to Hide

Every kid dreams of a place where they can hide and read their comics, or talk with friends while playing. A small tent or a reading nook would be a perfect idea in this case. You can decorate this area with pillows and plush toys to make it more comfortable and cozy.

Remember that it is the private corner of your kid, and that “grownups are not allowed” – it’s supposed to be a safe space where they can be alone. Sometimes, adults forget that privacy is a treasured thing, even for these “little people” – and the desire to have “myself” time doesn’t only extend to the parents. Give them a break and be respectful of their space. 


Arranging a children’s room can be a real challenge! It is worth remembering that children can be extremely demanding clients and talk openly about what they don’t like. If you are arranging a room for an older child, try to involve them in discussing the room’s appearance.

You can have great fun while decorating your children’s room, and it can become your way to spend some time together. Remember that a child’s room doesn’t have to be perfectly coherent and mono-thematic, treat it as a bit of craziness and a chance to enter into the magical world.