Deciding on the Best Water Filter for 2020

Safe water didn’t seem an issue to me for such a big part of my life until recently.

There are always appeals on TV for help to send water resources to Africa and India etc, and as someone who was born in Africa, this was heartbreaking to see how it has deteriorated.

I was fortunate enough to not have a water struggle growing up, but I know people and have friends who did have to queue for drinking water or wash in a basin, so I try to imprint on my kids how important it is to not waste, but also be safe when consuming it.

Those kids don’t have the equipment to have filtered water, which is so sad and leads to illness all around. Clearwater might still have some bacteria waste in it, so putting it through a filtered system is the best way to have peace of mind knowing it’s all clean and clear.

A company I have come to know and love who do quality filter systems called AquaOx Water Filters provide a full home installation, reliable customer service and rave reviews from satisfied clients, what has not to like.

And with an average lifespan of up to 20years with no maintenance, it’s a win-win.

What to look for in a water filter system.

Depending on where you live, the number of contaminants in the water will vary, deciding on the best filter for your home will be determined by how many bacteria types you have and making sure they will be filtered out.

Have a contaminant test done, and look at the options relating to their filtering ability.

Take a look at this article with great tips and advice on factors to consider when it comes time to make the wise purchase of your household filtration system.

Of course, before you agree to any company coming in and setting it all up, make a consultation appointment and have a quick chat to clear up any questions you might have.

You also want to be sure on the cost and efficiency of the system, and the running costs to operate it all, have it all written in black and white so there are no sneaky surprises later on down the line.

Why opt for filtered water?

  • Taste and smell. It’s cleaner, clearer and crisper. Nothing is more refreshing than pure water and can quench a thirst in an instant.
  • Lead removal. Filters lead out making sure there are no health effects from its presence.
  • Save money. No constantly having to bulk buy bottles of water, thus saving you in the pocket and using what you ‘already’ pay for.
  • Health. Being hydrated and having your body in a state of well-being can keep illness at bay, and keep your immune system working at an optimal level.
  • Cooking. We use water not only for drinking but when we cook, using the best quality of ingredients, as a chef myself, I know this has a huge impact on the final dish. You also won’t be contaminating the whole family and getting the rep of a bad cook. Eek.
  • Kids. Teaching kids that they can’t just drink any old water they see, maybe they went on a hike with friends and they stopped by a stream for a quick sip. It might look clean, but rather have a portable filter system with, take your bottled water from home or just don’t drink it. It’s not worth the risk.

What is a water filter?

glass of ater on white background

There is, believe it or not, a quite technical explanation which you can read here, but in more simple terms us average people can relate to, it’s a process of sifting water through a fine barrier to extract all the impurities.

Several layers are used, each more fine than the next, and each being regulated for a specific purpose from drinking water to swimming pools and even irrigation.

Each needing more or less filtration to be health-conscious.

Who knew such a natural and simple element has such a massive impact on our lives, it is used worldwide, and can be the make or break of life for those less fortunate.

Let’s keep our waters safe, every little effort helps and adds up in the bigger picture.