7 Ways to Properly Clean Pet Hair from Your Carpet

vacuum cleaner and cat

Your furry friends love spending time indoors. You love it too. However, your dog or cat can shed their hairs and they eventually become a nuisance.

When summer approaches, these pets shed as they prepare to welcome the warm weather.

If there’s pet fur on your priced carpet, getting rid of it can be an uphill task.

Many people will opt to vacuum it conventionally. Luckily, there are DIY methods you can use to keep your carpet hair-free.

Clean pet hair with baking soda

If there’s a lot of pet hair embedded into the carpet, you can resort to baking soda to remove them.

You not only have it easy extracting the hairs, but your carpet is left with a fresh smell.

You’ll need a packet of baking soda. Sprinkle some over the hair-infested areas and leave it to sit for some time.

The baking soda loosens the strands and you can vacuum them out easily.

Use a fabric softener

using fabric conditioner

When you opt to DIY pet hair from the carpet, it’s inexpensive. One proven DIY hack is using a fabric softener.

You need to mix the softener with water and use a spray bottle to dispense it over the carpet, this is a perfect method though you need to be patient.

You need to avoid over-spraying the carpet. A light mist will do. Let it sit for some time and then you can vacuum the hairs easily.

Use a squeegee

If the dog’s hair has been sitting inside the carpet for a long time, it can be tricky getting them out.

For instance, if your kids play and step on these hairs they tend to be deeply embedded into the carpet fibres.

Don’t rush to call in professional carpet cleaners. You can avoid the cleaning expenses by getting a squeegee.

With gentle brushing along your carpet, you will purge the hairs easily.

Use hand gloves

wearing gloves upon cleaning

Nowadays, hand gloves aren’t as common as they used to be when it comes to home cleaning.

However, they are handy when it comes to pet hair removal from the carpet.

You only need to wear gloves and rub the carpet up and down.

Soon, you will notice the hairs getting in contact with the gloves with little friction.

You can lift them to the bin or you can immerse the gloves into the water and repeat the process.

Remember, you can do this with dry or wet gloves.

Use a balloon

One DIY method that will get the hairs out of your carpet is by using a balloon.

The latex is ideal, especially when you rub the rubber against the carpet.

The static electricity generated will draw the furs up. You only need to collect from the surface and repeat the balloon process.

Duct/Roller Tape

If your carpet is getting overrun by dog hair, roller tape will do the magic.

By using strips of tape, you can place them over the carpet surface to catch the loose strands.

You need to do this repeatedly. If you have a lint remover, it can help you collect the hairs too.

Clean the vacuum cleaner

cleaning the vacuum cleaner

One of the reasons why there is dog hair on your carpet all the time is a bad vacuum cleaner.

Make sure you clean the vacuum after every vacuuming process. If it’s clogged, your pet hair vacuuming will yield poor results.

A poorly performing vacuum won’t suck out the hairs embedded in your carpet.

To make the job easier, spray a fabric softener before you vacuum the carpet.

Remember, you don’t have to pay to have our vacuum cleaner working appropriately. You can DIY clean it yourself.