Dog Owner Hacks to Keep Your Home Spotless and Safe

Having a pet dog is an incredible experience. However, even though our little pooches are cute as buttons, they sure don’t do our carpets justice at all.

We all have to agree that there is definitely an art in keeping your house clean while having a pet at the same time.

How do you keep your house free of pet gunks and still enjoy your animals? Homemaking for your dog may be challenging so here are some hacks so that your pets and a clean home can coexist.

Get indoor-outdoor rugs

Indoor-outdoor rugs might have some stigma attached to them, but trust us, these types of rugs are not your grandparents’ version.

They now come in all kinds of different stylish versions, including a variety of different color schemes. They are great for your pets because all you have to do is put a small one in front of your door.

That way, it will catch any dirt or water that your pet might drag in. You should also consider placing one under the dining room table, sofa, or any other place where your pet tends to go rest.

The great thing about these rugs is that they don’t let anything soak in.

Another great option to consider is carpet tiles simply because all you would have to do is replace one tile if your pet happens to leave an irreversible stain.


Use latex gloves

This option works a lot better than a lint brush because you don’t have to spend hours trying to rip off the layers of pet hair that it would accumulate.

An alternate solution is to slip on a pair of latex gloves and then proceed to rub your hands along any area where your pets might have left hair.

Your pet’s fur will stick to the latex and then later just run the gloved hands under some water and the pet fur will come right off.

Invest in shaving cream

Shaving cream works every bit as good as any of the “miracle” pet stain removal products that are on the market today.

Shaving cream will even work on cat pee or dog vomit. Of course, there is one caveat that you must be aware of. Make sure that you use the foam version of shaving cream and not the gel.

After making sure you have the foam, then all you have to do is spray the cream on the stain and let it sit for a few minutes. Wipe it off with warm water and you are done.

Many pet owners love to use Barbasol for this express purpose.

Combine a skewer with some baby wipes

Does your pet have a tendency to leave stains in some hard-to-reach places? If so, then the first thing you need to do would be to wrap some baby wipes around a skewer.

That way, you can get into those small nooks and crannies where some of the pet dirt and mud tends to settle. You also can get cracks in the hardwood floors and in the bathrooms as well.

Keep your pet groomed as much as possible

You may not think that properly grooming your pet would make that much difference in regards to keeping your house clean, but perhaps surprisingly, it actually does.

You see, a properly groomed pet will not have as much hair, and that is less hair that they might shed all over your carpet or furniture!


Get an electric fireplace

Finally, if your dog is an energetic type, you might want to consider getting an electric fireplace.

This is because people and pets alike love to curl up in front of a warm fireplace and they can toy with things around.

It would be a nightmare to see ashes and pieces of charred woods everywhere. Additionally, these electric fireplaces are nice and cool to the touch, meaning that they are safe for kids and pets alike.

Keeping Smells At Bay

Use baking soda to wash your dog’s removable bed cover. It will soak the smells and kill any germs in a hot cycle.

Also, use natural organic fabric softener in your pups’ beddings or wherever they usually love to rest to keep your home smelling clean and fresh.